Thursday, June 24, 2010

Warm it up Kace, I'm about too..

Shelly, Whitney & I.. out on the town the other night..

Well ladies & Gents, I believe I've secured myself a job..Not sure of the start date, but it will either be MONDAY, or the following Monday after the 4th of July. I'm going to work for Chesapeake as a Contractor, which means Its not a permanant position, but a long-term contract, and its an exceptional opportunity. I'm going to work in (Are you ready for this?) the I.T. Department! Yes, I'm going to be helping people with computers.. The Irony in all this is that when I started college my Major was Computer Science, but I fell into broadcasting and just left that behind, and moved onto English..So Now I feel like I've come full circle.

So I'm excited. I had two really great interviews last week, and I've been offered two other positions, but I really feel like working for Chesapeake I will have a lot of opportunities to learn something completely knew (although not foreign to me) and look forward to learning, and meeting new people. I've been in the radio business for so long, and while its been some of the most amazing times of my life, I'm anxious to work in a place where I think my work ethic, creativity, and loyalty will be rewarded. I'm very excited about it!

Yesterday was MJ's & I's 6 month anniversary. We went to PF Changs where they have an amazing 'dinner for 2' option with a soup, appetizer, entree, and dessert.. MM MM! I had egg drop soup, Lettuce Wraps, Almond & Cashew chicken, and Carrot Cake. It was all soo good for $20! YUM! MJ had Sweet & Sour soup, Lettuce Wraps, Kung Pao chicken, and Chocolate cake..Everything was soooo good, and we had an awesome time. He's such a great guy!

Let me just say to you.. I LOVE MY IPAD. Paddy is amazing. She does so many cool things, and I've enjoyed her so much this past week! MJ Loved her so much that he went and got himself one too! He named him St. Pat, and now Patty & St. Pat are in love I know!! I took Miss Payslee to the Norman Hospital yesterday for a visit..She helped patients with their Physical therapy, and had a good time..she's such a good girl!

This weekend is going to be nice..I'm having a farm party. All my friends are coming out to the farm in Canute for some farm time fun. We will probably play volleball, have some good food, drinks, and conversations.. Its going to be good.. I knew if I would just stay positive enough, be true to myself, and hang in there things would turn around..and now they are..I do want to say again, that I truly appreciate every person who has reached out to me..whether it be to pass along a job suggestion, tell me they miss me on the air, give me words of encouragment, or just tell me Hi, I really do appreciate it.. you all are really good people.. thank you!!


  1. Never having met you in person I am so happy you got the job at Chesapeake. I work for National Oilwell Tuboscope and they are one of our big customers, everyone I know that works there loves it and they have a pool and gym how nice. My husband the Plumber who Bill knows did work for Ralph Tyler at his house this week. He told Ralph that his wife was not happy that you and Bill were let go. Ralph said he wasnt happy about it either but economics were the reason I was like ok what ever. But again congrads on the job and tell Bill I miss him

    Mickey Fenner

  2. Mickey, thanks so much. I have so much respect for Ralph. He called me after everything happened, and wrote me an amazing letter of recommendation. I'm not sure it was economics either, but whats done is done..Chesapeake is a great company, and I know they treat their people very well, so I'm excited too..