Friday, February 8, 2013

Here's what's Awesome..

So here we are.. 22 weeks pregnant. I can now sortof feel the babies now, but hell, I've never been pregnant before, so I'm not really sure what I can feel.. Jordan felt one of them kick a little bit the other day, but so far they are not beating me up, so that is nice.. I realize that they are going to have a really cool bond, and I'm excited about that.. These two little guys in this video make me laugh!!

About 2 weeks ago I had to go to labor and delivery.. I thought I was leaking amniotic fluid (don't never results in  good news).. so I call my Dr, and he's actually in training that day so they send me to the Triage unit at Mercy.. Those folks are awesome over there, but I really didn't think anything was wrong.. Sure enough, I was right, and I was just peeing myself.. Go ahead.. Laugh.. Get it out.. I  know.. The jokes on me.. I have had overactive bladder since my 20's, so you can only imagine what being pregnant with twin girls does to my bladder.. They sit on it, and apparently I pee myself. Awesome. But... glad everything was good.

I've decided that I'm gradually getting annoyed with things people say to me when they find out I'm having twins.. It reminds me of this:
People are constantly saying to me
"Do Twins run in your family?".. Well not really.. I mean I think I have some 5th cousins or something that are twins..
"Are they paternal?".. Well yes, they do have a father.. That would be MJ.
"Oh, you're going on bed rest huh?".. Well now that's a negative attitude to have! I hope not! I'm trying to do everything in my power to keep that from happening, so don't remind me about it.
"Twins..What are you going to do about that?!".. Um, well nothing..You can't really give one back.
"Holy Moly, the diapers! Are you going with re-usables?".. No. I am trying to keep my sanity, so no.
"Wow, you are going to be huge"..thanks captain obvious.. I already feel that way, but thanks for making me feel worse.
"Do you have Names?" Um, no.. My husband and I are at odds on this one.

Those are just a few of my fav's.. I get many more.. but mainly people are just overly excited.. Like random people walk up to me in stores when they hear me talking to sales people and offer twin excitment.. its odd, but fun.

We went to dinner with my friend Kristen & Her hubby Mike the other night.. They have a 4 month old little boy and I was sitting there thinking "There's no way I'll be able to eat in public for like 9 months".. lol..The Baby was great! But can you imagine me waltzing in with 2 sets of everything! We'd be like a spectacle.. and that's assuming the girls weren't flailing about and acting wild! I'm pretty sure when traveling with twin girls we are going to be quite a site.

MJ & I went to our first baby class a couple of weeks ago. Its called "Preparing for Multiples".. it was really good. We took it at Baptist because that is the only place that offers it.. It was 2 weeks in a row, and really great. I had to laugh though when they showed me the "Double football hold" for breastfeeding..The other irony to me is that there are women in the world that let you PHOTOGRAPH them double football holding their twins and breastfeeding.. (I'll spare you the pics, but if you are just dying to see, you can click HERE) What the hell! Why!! I'm quickly realizing that there is just no way to be cool while breastfeeding twins.. In fact, my cool days are probably over pretty soon..However, I've led a pretty cool life for awhile now, so probably about that time.. especially if I end up driving a sweet mini van! You can't imagine the food I'm supposed to be eating.. 3500 calories/day, like 8 servings of protein, 2 of eggs, 6 of dairy, 6 fruits, 6 vegetables, etc.. and then a GALLON of water.. Well great.. Just hook me up to a catheter.. awesome.

We got the other crib in.. We'll probably put that up this weekend, and by ME, I mean MJ doing it, while I sit and chat with him and try to help, until he takes all my tools away and shoo's me out of the room.. We also ordered my rocking chair, and the twins Pink Fluffed bunny Chair.. I know, I know..they probably don't NEED a fluffed bunny chair, but I kinda feel like I need one, so in turn they need one. If they made them for adults you can bet your sweet bippy I'd be sitting on one right now to help my aching tailbone!

I go back to Dr. Mirable today for another ultrasound. They are moving around right now.. someone told me to eat skittles before I go to the appointment and they will move around..but with baby B, she is always on the move, so I don't think I need skittles.. Hopefully we'll get some good pictures this time. Last time they didn't really pose.

Should have the nursery almost finished soon.. I'll post pics when we do. We are having a lady come over and paint a tree in there and then will decorate the branches.. I have a few fun, glittery numbers to hang on the walls, so it should be pretty fabulous when I'm done. 16 weeks to go!!

I still feel like I'm getting kicked in the crotch everyday, and of course I Pee every 5 minutes.. oh, and my uterus is still exploding..but other than that, I'm powering though!! Here's a Baby Bump pic with me and Miss Pays at 21 weeks! The dog babes are still being weird and 'nesting' my stomach.. lol..They must know something is up. Payslee wants to lay on top of it, and Sawyer wants to lay right by it.. They are my sweet birds.


  1. Well, you just look FABULOUS!!!! I'm so very excited for you and MJ. I'd be excited if there was only one, but you're right, people get dippy when there are TWO! Being a mom has been the GREATEST thing in my life. She'll be 9 next week, and she is my whole heart! Enjoy.
    ~Susan W.

  2. Ok, first...I don't think those twins in the video are babies at all. I'm pretty sure they are shaved midgets. Second...I would go insane if that was happening at my house. I'd much rather hear seven puppies barking non stop for hours.

    I wish I'd never clicked on that double breast feeding link. That's just awful. Loved the second will be talking like a robot when you go through the story over and over again.

    Great pic! You look like a normal pregnant person in it.

    I have to say...I am so glad this is happening to you instead of me. I have no feelings of missing out on anything.

    Hang in there! See you Sunday!

  3. Forgot to say...Payslee is going to be the best big sis....ever.....

  4. You look great! Glad everything is ok & you aren't leaking fluids!! I got my first, are the identical questions, after I had just said that I was having a boy & a girl. GEEZ!