Monday, November 22, 2010

What are you Thankful For?


Went to Church yesterday and the sermon was called "Thankful People Have Perspective" and Pastor Marty went onto say that they have Perspective, because they Count their blessings.. I can honestly say, I count my blessings every single day. Not a day goes by that I don't give thanks for the life I live. Even though right now, its not exactly where I want it to be, I'm still very thankful. We make a choice everyday where we put our perspective. We can start off grouchy because some fool is druving too slow in tge fast lane, or we can choose to be thankful because we actually have a car that takes us where we need to go. Its our choice. Marty summed all his 'Blessings' into 3 categories because it basically fell under one of these three Umbrellas...the first one was:

GRACE: Where would we be without the Grace of God? G R A C E=Gods riches at Christ's Expense.. Which is a great way to sum up Grace. Being that God has offered Grace to us, it's our purpose as Christians to offer Grace to others..and with recent radio events in my life, offering grace to others who have wronged me, is VERY difficult. I have realized that I do forgive, but I do not forget, and I think that's ok.

The 2nd one was Purpose: We all have to know that there is a reason we exist. God has a purpose for us. Sometimes we don't realize our true purpose until we discover our spiritual gifts. Spiritual gifts bring new purpose & perspective. God can use our gifts in our struggles & our weaknesses.. This is very true, because I think sometimes it takes a heartbreak, or the loss of something that makes us get a new perspective about how God may be trying to work in our life. He starts out with a whisper, but sometimes we are so self absorbed tat it takes a yell! Lol! So when you pray are you making a to-do list for God, or asking him that he bless YOUR path? Because that's what I have been doing! We need to pray for his will to be done, not ours..even though he loves us enough to bless our will, we are probably going to miss out on all the amazing things that HE might have had planned with his will..
The 3rd thing was Peace: in the Lord we are all given peace. We can weather any storm, and he always gets us through it, and walks beside it. Ironically enough, we usually never see it at the time, but can look back and think: "thanks for helping Lord"..

As we get to Thanksgiving remember to count your blessings, and even in your frustration with family, friends, idiots, morons, Late people, obnoxious folks, negative people, and even smack talking OU fans..remember to never be lacking in compassion.. You never know for sure what burdens people have going on right don't add to it, but try to help through it. Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

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