Monday, September 27, 2010

Great Birthday & New Ideas!

Well we had a great time on my birthday.. Who knew that giant white Van would be so much fun, but it was! We started things off at Dan O'Briens and had some dinner.. then we decided to try out "Murphy's Dueling Piano's" in Bricktown and it was SO fun! Leslie (Bill's wife) arranged for the piano guys to play me a song, to which they had the guys in the audience get down on one knee and sing "You've lost that loving feeling" to me.. Then Bill played the drums with the Piano too.. Its a very fun place to go!

I've attached some pics from the night.. the first one is Me & MJ..The next is Me, Shelly and Lauren..Then the last one is Me & Bill.. Good times.

Last week we all went to the State Fair twice last week..I tried some fried Mashed Bacon Potatoes.. and some Maccarroni & Cheese..then our second trip I had a Corndog. MJ had a giant corndog, and then I had a Strawberries newport..MM MM..Delish!

Last weekend MJ & I went to see "Takers".. it was okay..The weekend before we saw "Devil" and "The Town".. They were both excellent.. Devil is CREEPY and will make you scared of elevators for awhile.. The Town is about Bank Robbers and is action packed..Both good, go see em'..

Today while driving down the road I saw a man begging for money.. I guess he wasn't getting enough so he decided to upll up his shirt and show his abs.. (Like the Situation on Jersey shore does) and someone actually gave him money for it! What! What a strange

Some new things are in the works for me.. I'll update as I know more.. XXOO

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