Saturday, September 18, 2010

Birthday Weekend & Dog Show

Well this is my Birthday weekend.. My friends and I are renting a 12 passenger Van and having MJ drive us around town for funtimes.. We haven't really decided what all we are going to do, but with my crew, I know it will be fun. This is the first birthday in 13 years where I haven't given awan presents on the air! Its so freakin weird not being on the radio anymore..I find myself thinking of funny stories to tell, then remember I'm not on the air! Blargh..

Last week MJ and I went to the farm..We saw two baby calves born, and MJ got to see Steve's giant tractor since he was sewing wheat. The dog babes of course ran around like Farm dogs, and I kept calling for Sawyer but couldn't find him.. Well I found him. Trapped in a patch of Stickers, with his face saying "I'm not moving mama".. so I go over and get him, and Mom, & I spend 20 minutes getting stickers out of his fur while MJ holds him..He's such a farm dog, lol..

We went and had a steak at Portobello's, and then met my dad, Kirby, for lunch at the Italian place in Elk City..Good food.. Plus, they were having a dog show in Elk City! So Mom, MJ, & I went and watched for awhile..MJ Is wanting a German Shepherd (To offset the fact that I have 3 shih-tzu's, which are the foofiest, girliest dogs ever)..I'm trying to talk him into an Italian Spinone I like Big dogs too, I just fell in love with Shih-tzu's, and now I'll always have one..Speaking of, the show shih-tzu's were so cute with their big top knots, and cuteness.. Speaking of Cuteness.. I took Payslee on a therapy visit Thursday in her OSU Cheerleader outfit..Its so freaking cute. Doggiedudsbydeb made it for her.. Adorable! Shes such a good little therapy dog! Always smiling and loving people.

I've been taking an amazing class at Crossings.. Actually several. I've started going to Sunday school at 10:45, after I go to the regular Service at 9:30. The Sunday School class is called "Perspectives" and its taught by one of my favorite pastors, Terry Feix.. So good.. Then he is also teaching a class called "Angels & Demons" that I went to and it was AWESOME! There is nothing better than learning from someone who is so intelligent and knowledgeable about the bible! I just loved it..I start a new one that he is teaching on Wednesday night at 6:30 called "Worrying"..and its going to be excellent too, and right now, I really need the lesson of How NOT to worry..because I seem to be doing a lot of it. If you want to go with me, click on the link above and meet me there.. I think you all would love it too.

Last night MJ & I went to the Melting Pot for the first time.. I had heard my friends talk about it, but I had never been. It was SOOO GOOD! We started off with a 3 cheese Wisconsin trio and dipped Bread and apples into it.. MM MM! Then we had Ceasar Salads..then they bring out the meat and you cook it at your table..and there are like 10 dipping sauces! (MJ LOVES dipping sauces).. It was great, and then the best is the dessert! We chose the "turtle Chocolate" with nuts, caramel and milk Chocolate..they melt it all up and then you dip delicious strawberries, cheesecake, marshmellows, bananas, rice crispy treats, and more all into the melty chocolate..Ahhh! It was soo good! Its a bit pricey though, so keep that in mind..but for special occasions, its awesome! MJ also surprised me with another Brighton Bracelets! Its so pretty.. I'm going to put them all on and then take pictures..

More later, Love you all..


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    I was singing that at the top of my lungs...could you hear me all the way from Weatherford to Oklahoma City??? LOL I wish you the best birthday ever!