Thursday, August 19, 2010

Rock it Chaka Kahn

Well Hi.. Just got back from a therapy visit with Miss Payslee.. She had a fun time, and it is always a good visit at Canterbury..She wore an adorable little dress from Deb does such a great job with dog clothes, and Pays is of course a doll!

Well Bill & Leslie's wedding reception was on Saturday..MJ, Lauren, Shelly, Brandon & I all went and had a great time..I sang "Love me Tender" but of course I made it into a funny parody..I think they enjoyed it. I miss seeing Bill everyday so It was good to catch up.. Haven't really talked to Lynn much. I've called him a few times, and sent him some emails, but never really hear anything back, so I just left it..I think we are all a little 'weird' around each other now because we went from spending every day together to never seeing each other anymore..I miss them both, and I miss laughing at their stupid sayings everyday..

In the meanwhile, my parents got back from Alaska..They lost their luggage, but it got shipped to them on Tuesday. Mom was glad to be home. MJ is moving into his new house next week..I'm so excited for him. Its been something he has wanted for a long, long time and I know he will feel so happy having a place of his own..He bought some really cute stuff at Mathis brothers for his new place.

I had to take my car to Cummings in Weatherford to get a few things has 99,000 miles on it, so it needed some work...I'm Rockin a PT Cruiser till then. Hey, I found a cool site that if you are like me and HATE being on hold, this website will actually wait on hold for you, and then CALL you back when they answer!! I know right! Awesome! Its called LUCY PHONE.. I haven't tried it yet, so let me know if it works.. Here's my delicious MJ and I..


  1. The song was perfect! Thank you!!!!

  2. Can't decide which is the most adorable Payslee's photo or photo of you and MJ!
    Need a photo of you with the PT can't see that.
    Hope you have a great weekend!