Friday, August 13, 2010

I'm behind on blogging!,

Well good grief! I was reminded today that I have not written a blog in August..I can honestly say that I have officially become a “Real Job” having person..meaning that I go in for 8 hours and by the time I get home I’m uninspired to do anything else! My radio hours were always so bizarre doing the morning show that I usually was home early in the afternoons and had time to take a nap and just wake up and do whatever I wanted..but Now that I’m working ‘normal’ hours it makes doing my random “KC” things a bit harder..

This is going to be a fun weekend. Saturday is Bill & Leslie’s wedding reception. They have asked me to give a toast, and sing a song..I hope we are all still friends after I do that! Haha! Bill knows that I can’t just ‘sing’ a song.. Of course I had to make it into a Parody song! So I have taken Elvis’s version of “Love Me Tender” and made it my own..We’ll see what happens. Not sure if you all know it or not, but I would rather sing in front of 10,000 strangers as opposed to singing to 10 people I actually know.. So I’m thinking I might need some liquid courage for that..Which Leslie assured me we would have plenty of! So I’ll let you know how it goes..

My parents are in Alaska this week..Mom said its 60 degrees there. I told her I was jealous because all we have is triple digits here and no rain. How obnoxious. They are having a great time..they went zip lining, and watched the jumping Salmon, and have enjoyed the Wildlife part of everything. I feel so sorry for the guys that are painting and roofing my house. That would be miserable in this heat! They don’t start the roofing project till this weekend, but the painting is almost done. Blargh.. Yesterday I took Payslee to a therapy visit at Sterling House in Edmond. She wore a fabulous little denim overall dress with a heart on it. I’m having her seamstress Deb ( make another outfit for her with Pink Gingham..I saw it yesterday and just loved it! Yes, I’m starting to get quite ashamed of Payslee’s closet..She’s such a Fashionista!! Lol..

MJ was gone for a week to an IT conference in DC..I was glad to have him back. He leaves again in a week, then when he gets back he is moving into a new apartment! I’m very excited for him! Probably not excited enough to HELP him Just kidding..I’ll help, but good grief, why move in the middle of 103 degree summers! Blargh! The job is going well..Still learning stuff and trying to be helpful. I’m not sure what the plan for me will be. I’ve got a few things that are swirling around in my head.. I miss radio.. I think I should be helping the elderly..I think I should work with dogs.. who knows.. But I do know that God has a plan, and from what I’ve found so far his definition of “soon” and mine are quite different!! Lol.. So I must be patient!

I saw the latest Radio ratings.. Didn’t appear to be a good one for KKNG or JAKE. I’m not going to say anything mean, but sometimes it is nice to feel like they did make a wrong decision in letting us go. I’m thankful for it though because I know bigger things are just around the corner, but it is fun to gloat just a little bit.. I Hope you all have a great


  1. Yay! You're back to blogging. It does suck the life out of you to be trapped in a building 8 or 10 or 12 or however many hours. Does leave you with less enthusiasm for real life. Painters are still at my house today. They finish tomorrow. Aren't you worried about the dogs with all the noise of the roofers? Mine were beside themselves till they just got too tired to bark any more.

    I am so loving life these days. I have felt like a Zombie for the last two years. Love being out and about and actually having a life. Got to figure out a way for my work and life to go hand in hand.

  2. WHEW! I was having withdrawal!! I about wore the keys out on my computer checking to see if you had wrote anything on your blog. I was hard enough to wean myself from hearing you on the radio, but no blogging was just too much! Thanks for the "fix"!

  3. What's wrong with a little gloating? They did screw up(your former job) and I've emailed Kevin a couple of times and let him know. I know I'm not alone.What happened to "don't fix it if it ain't broke"? Anyhow good luck although I think you belong on the radio.