Monday, July 19, 2010

Yes, I can turn on a computer.

So I think the reaction to my getting a job in IT at Chesapeake has been kinda funny.. I agree that IT work is a long way from being an on air personality, but what most people don't know is that I studied Computer Science in College..In fact, I'm only 3 hours away from having a Minor in Computer listen, its not THAT far of a stretch! lol..
The job is going well..I learn some new computer lingo every day..and I learn something new everyday..which means my brain is constantly working, and I'm thinking that will keep me young and spry.. lol..NOt sure, but yeah, I'm thinking that.. People want to know what I do there, but honestly, if I told you it probably wouldn't make a lot of sense..I know it sure wouldn't have to me a month ago, but I like what I do, and I think I'm doing a pretty good job..

I'm still taking care of my hospice lady, Miss Dorothy, and still going on visits once or twice a week when I can. Its still mostly Payslee, but Sawyer goes sometimes now too. Last weekend MJ & I went to see "Inception" the new movie with Leonardo DiCaprio, and it was good..A little long, but really thought-provoking and interesting..Go see it if you have time.. Then yesterday my friend from Orlando, Chantry came to town and we had a lovely lunch visit.. He makes handbags, and clutches and for me, he made a satched for Paddy, my Ipad..How awesome is it! (pictured left)..He knows I love weird ladies on stuff, so he went with this design, and I just love it!! His website is The House of Chabanks..check out his stuff..He's fabulous.
Last night MJ & I went to eat at Olive Garden, which I loved.. Saturday night was Shelly's birthday party and we suprised her at Musashis..Good times had by all.. Hope you all are doing well too!


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  1. Finally got a chance to go on House of Chabanks and check out Chantry's usual he just excels at everything he attempts! Loved, Loved, Loved the bags and OMG the labels were just AWESOME!