Thursday, July 7, 2016

Mr. Pooptastic..

Two words for you. POTTY. TRAINING.

Why do people do this? I really don't know.. I mean sorry for being negative here.. But I just don't see the point. I mean yeah, ok, we can't pee our pants forever.. But.. It sure seems, TO ME, that wearing diapers is easier.. and I know what people are saying.. "blah blah KC, you can't wear diapers as an adult.. etc".. Ok whatever. There are times when wearing a diaper on a road trip sounded REALLY good to me..Ask Jordan.. He will tell you, that he would MUCH rather me wear a diaper, than stop to pee 245 times.. Now.. Imagine doing that with ME and the GIRLS. See, that sounds awful.

Before I had kids.. I was always like.. Oh woopty do. You potty train them at 18 months (Because that is when My mom said I was potty trained) and call it a day.. they will get it immediately, and be bionic potty trained machines. NO. NO. NO. This is not how it goes fellas.. ITS NOT. For example.. right now.. Crosslee is 100% potty trained on Pee. She tells us she needs to go, and goes in the pot 100% of the time. YAY Cross! See that was easy!. NO. Because she does not Poop in the pot. Like ever. So now.. I ask you.. What is worse? Spending money on diapers? Or spending money on new Underwear? The diapers are cheaper. And a lot less of a mess.. But what about Cille you ask? Yeah. Haven't even started. You know why? Because Londyn Lucille doesn't do anything unless its her idea.. So here's how that would go:

ME--Londyn do you want to pee in the potty
ME--Mommy gives treats to girls who pee in the potty
Me--Mommy gives gold and silver and unicorns and ponies and magic to girls that pee in the potty

I always thought that training dogs would give me a leg up on training kids. Dogs are usually pretty easy, because they are either 1) Treat Driven, or 2) Praise Driven.. For example, Miss Payslee was SUPER easy to potty train. Because she was Praise driven AND treat driven.. She had one accident, we corrected that, praised her, gave her some liver, and boom! She was completely house-trained by 8 weeks old. Then there was Sawyer.. Sawyer grew up in a cage, so we had a lot to overcome by the time I rescued him at 12 weeks. He was not praise driven at all. So it took SO..........MUCH......Longer.. Because he just didn't care.. He was always listening and watching.. but he doesn't' do anything till he's dang good and ready to do it.. I used to try to reward him with Liver.. and he would spit it at me.. That is Londyn. She's not doing it until its on her terms.. I don't care who tells her, or how great of an idea it might be. So Londyn might be one of the Kindergarten kids you see in diapers.. I'm not sure.

So.. I've given Cross a few more weeks. If she doesn't quit pooping in her pants by then, I'm just going back to diapers. Go ahead, judge away.. but I think its more stress on both of us when she doesn't get it.. So we can re-visit it later.. Maybe by that time Lucille will be ready to try. Who knows. They both may go to Kindergarten in diapers. Yay me.

In other news.. that is less 'crappy'.. see what I did there! Hey! Zing! Ok.. We had a great 4th of July.. but MAN OH MAN it was hot. Gigi Picked up the girls on Friday, and Jordan and I went down on Sunday..They had a big weekend with Gigi & Pa.. and then we went to Dads house on the 4th of July for the Big Sentinel Extravaganza.. Ok, its prob not THAT big.. but it was a parade, food in the park, and Miss Tiny Tot, and Mr. Muscle.. Techincally, the girls were allowed to enter Miss Tiny Tot.. You can enter from 3-5.. But I didn't think they would care about it this year. I was Wrong. Cross Cared. She cried the whole time the others were on the Stage.. "When is it my turn!".. I should have known.. Here's her routine.. she is doing a little dance..
But.. they always have next year.. because this year.. Cousins, Ava & Joe won! They brought home the gold and represented! So Maybe I'll work up a magical little twin routine for next year, and we can carry on the tradition.. Here's the Fabulous Four.. 

We had a great time! And the girls were really sweet most of the time.. They still like holding hands, and hugging each other, and that makes us really proud. I mean geez.. whats the point of having two at a time if they aren't going to like each other.. Am I right!

Jordan's Grandma died on Sunday.. Sad deal, but she got to see everyone she wanted to see and died peacefully. It was his dad's mom, Geraldine, and we got to take the girls to see her last week. Cross said the Lords Prayer to her, and told her the Love & Logic Motto.. lol.. She was happy to see them, and they brightened her day, which is why we were there. Everyone got to say their goodbyes to her, which was awesome, and she wasn't in any pain, which is the best thing we could ask for. Her funeral is this weekend, so we are going to take the girls to Tulsa for a little get-away. Hopefully they will be nice and quiet during the service.. but.. They are twin 3 year olds, so who know! I'll report back.. Hope you guys had a great 4th..and I hope you aren't potty training anything anytime soon. 

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