Friday, July 1, 2016

Hot Weather, Good Times.

Well.. its been an interesting couple of weeks..

Before the Girls birthday Party mom had taken off work and was going to watch the girls for the week while I put the finishing touch on the Michael Jackson Party.. But Steve got really sick, and we had no idea what was going on.. So we rushed him to the ER, My Dad Kirby Rushed to get the girls.. We rushed to Western OK, then Steve was Rushed to OKC.. So it was kindof a whirlwind of events.. Turns out.. after 5 days in the hospital.. He had a bleeding Ulcer.. The fixed it.. Then he had another small one.. and they Fixed that.. Then he ended up having a Scan that showed some weird mass on his Rib.. so that led to us all freaking out.. praying.. wondering if it was Cancerous.. Finding out it was not.. Praying again... Giving Thanks.. and Celebrating. And it just really gets your minds to thinking that this Life does not last forever.

We did a study of Ecclesiastes a few months ago in Small Group.. and one of the main points of that book is that.. Life is Short.. Eat the Chocolate.. Drink the Wine.. Don't sweat the small stuff.. because at the end of the day, we only get one life, and we have to make it count. Marty did a sermon a few weeks ago about Stages of Life. When you are young.. you never think about things like stages of life.. Because you are too busy trying to fly to the next one.. Wanting to go to school.. then wanting to do sports.. then wanting to go to Jr. High.. then wanting to Drive.. then wanting to Graduate.. then wanting to go to college.. I mean, you don't even stop to think about the time that is flying by, and then its been 20 years and you think "What happened?"...

Everyone had told me SO. Many. Times. I mean seriously. So many.. "Enjoy those babies, because it all goes so fast".. And for awhile.. Jordan and I wanted to punch those people in the face.. because we were thinking, "HOORAY! Let it goooo.. let it gooooooooo (Frozen reference there)".. Because it was SO hard. .But now we see it. The girls are growing so much.. which means we are only getting older.. Which means My parents are getting older.. And while this is an amazing time for all of us.. I get a little emotional when I think about it now. I'm just not sure I'm ready for this stage of life! I don't think you ever get to a point where you don't think your parents are invincible.. Or I know you certainly don't want to. But thankfully.. everyone now is healthy, so we are going to continue to count our blessings!

4th of July is just around the Corner.. Sentinel always has a Celebration and we are going to take the girls down there to play with their cousins. They have a contest for "Miss Tiny Tot".. but I think we will wait till next year.. By then I can work up some sort of magic Twin Tag Team Tiny Totting! Plus.. right now.. All Cross wants to do is listen to Beat it.. so I'm not sure what that routine would entail.

We took the girls to Orr Family Farms last weekend.. It was Hotter'n Hades.. but we went when they opened at 10. They love jumping on those Jumping Pillows, riding the Carousel, and of course.. riding the Train. Pops and Grammy are taking them to spend "A Day with Thomas" in September, and they are going to flip. They will both be super excited.

Mom is coming to get them tomorrow and they LOVE swimming, so they will be doing that, Riding Woody, playing in the hay, and just doing their usual Farm Adventures. I'm so grateful they will have fun Farm Moments!

There have been a few moments (A FEW.. I said) when its bee really super fun to have twins. The girls really like playing together now, and watching the way they love each other and take care of each other is really cool. God knew I was only going to get pregnant ONCE, and so he really made it count.. now they will always have a built in friend..and someone to talk about their crazy parents to.. lol

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