Monday, June 10, 2013

How the girls FINALLY got their names

So Most of you who have followed this blog know that MJ and I have had a SERIOUS problem coming up with names for the girls..  I had my list of names, he had his.. I hated his, he hated mine, and we were seriously worried that we were not going to come up with anything.. Ironically we didn't until the birth certificate lady kept on us every day and every hour on the last day to come up with something. Yes, they WILL let you leave without naming them, but then you don't have all the documents you need..

So here's what we did.. On day one we decided to call them certain names. I believe on Day 1 it was Piper & Scout.. didn't work. MJ said that baby B was too pretty to be called Scout.. I agreed.. Day 2 it was Reese and Rowan.. But that didn't stick either.. However on Day 2, I came up with Crosslee.. It came to me from our Church, Crossings.. Because that place has been such a HUGE blessing to us. I gave MJ options to see what he liked better.. Crossland, Crosslee, or Crosslynn. He liked Crosslee the best, so we started calling her that on Day 2, and it stuck..

On Day 3 still nothing for baby B.. We went back to our lists.. The lists had like 40 names on it by now, both his and mine.. We came back across London.. We already had their middle names, Crosslee Shelton (Shelton is Jordan's grandpa's name) and ___________ Lucille..We had Lucille already because she is named after my grandma Leona Sheperd. I lost her in 1999 to Pancreatic cancer,and I still miss her so much every day. She was a big important factor in my life, and I know she will always be smiling at the girls from heaven.

 We both had always thought double L's would be cute. So we decided we wanted a different spelling, and went with Londyn Lucille.. Everyone we told the name loved it, and it fit her because it is pretty, and she is pretty.. So that is how we FINALLY arrived at the names.. Man it took forever, and I was honestly thinking it wasn't going to happen for awhile..

So this next week will be a test.. A test I have not studied for, and I'm quite sure I'm not prepared for.. My mom will go home and MJ and I will be sitting here with our babies for the first time by ourselves. We are going to try and see a movie and get Mama E's before she goes back as our "Last Supper"..

Speaking of Supper.. Have  I told you how much I love our Sunday School Class?? They have been bringing us supper for the last 2 weeks so we haven't had to cook.. We are so proud to have them around us, and even more excited to bring up our girls in an amazing church with an amazing church family.. This whole journey has truly been a God thing.. so when I'm in doubt these next few weeks because I haven't gotten any sleep and I'm wondering what I have done, Im' just going to try to be Still for a moment and know that he is God..and he will get us all through this.. because seriously, I can promise you its going to take all of us.. lol..

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  1. I loved hearing how you came up with the names. I knew you just had to see them to know what was right and they are perfect! I need to come see them! But....I still have not gotten my required shot! Darn it.