Wednesday, June 5, 2013

They Have Arrived!


ONE day old at the hospital!
Well the girls are here! I had them at 7:40, and 7:41 on May 25th. They wheeled me in, got me prepped for the C Section, and they were seriously born like 10 minutes later. Jordan didn't even have time to vomit at the site of blood! It was THAT quick.. Dr. Goff said, "I see a cute butt" and that was Crosslee.. she was born first, 6.03lbs, and 19" long. Then right after he pulled out Londyn, 6.15lbs, and 20" long. Both big and healthy.. We thought for a second that Cross would have to be on Oxygen for a little while, but then she started whailing and was fine. They both were able to go back to the room with us immediately. No Nicu time.. So yes, you can carry twins full term! What can I say, I build big babies! MJ took some pics of them.. Londyn screamed the whole time..she has a great set of lungs!

 We came home on Tuesday.. Mom is staying with us till this weekend, and then she will go back home.. So thankful she is helping us. Otherwise, I think the girls would be sorely disappointed in us, because who ae we kidding, MJ & I have no clue. We have never had babies, and certainly not TWO at a time.

I have to be honest, the C section is pretty great.. I mean yes, I had some pain, mainly from them pressing on the surgery area to make sure everything had gone back to its regular place..but other than that, I was up and around that same day, and have felt quite excellent since coming home. I've been able to drive, able to bend, etc.. its not nearly as crippling as some people describe it.. Or maybe I just have an excellent Doctor! Well I know I do have that.. but in talking to my friend who had her baby 3 days before I had my girls, the whole process of birth is not really that pleasant for anyone, so if given the choice, I'd pick the C Section.

The girls have been doing well at home. We've had to make a few trips to the Dr which is like a circus. I mean seriously.. You just can't travel anywhere without people stopping and asking you about the girls.. Partly because I'm pushing a giant train stroller and that says "Hi look at me!" I just took Crosslee on Monday. She didn't pass her hearing test at the hospital, (had fluid in her ears) so I had to take her back to retest.. well she passed with flying colors.. But getting there.. Lawdy.. I went by myself, and I made it, so it was like a personal victory..

We also had to take Crosslee to get checked for Jaundice. We took her while Mom kept Londyn.. To get checked they have to prick their heel with a needle, and then bleed her enough to go into a vial.. NOT great. She handled it like a champ though..MJ sits and talks to her, and she liked that.. so she barely cried. You know what else was hilarious? We forgot the diaper bag.. Yup, didn't even bring one with us.. So we were hoping for No blowouts, blowups, or fits of rage.. Cross didn't let us down. She was a champ, as if she knows we are first time idiotic parents, so we appreciated that.

We had to take them both to their 'well baby' check at the pediatrican.. which they should really call "I'm going to irritated the crap out of your baby by tormenting them" check.. They put them on a cold scale without their clothes on to weigh.. (they really hate being cold in case you didn't know) and they start manipulating their arms/legs.. shine lights in their ears/eyes.. I mean its really awful. Yes, it has to be done, but man, do they hate it.. MJ and I both went to that one.. This time we had giant diaper bag and all.. We are realizing that traveling with them is not really going to be a common thing.. Its going to be a "Is there anyway we can avoid doing this" thing.. Because its just TOO much.

For those of you wondering how the dogs were going to be.. one word.. AWESOME. Payslee is like the best little nanny/helper ever.. She has adopted the girls as hers, and is constantly checking on them to make sure they are ok. She will go up to them and smell one, then go and smell the other.. If they cry, or make a sound, she runs over and looks at them, then looks at us like "Um, do something".. lol. She has been great. Sawyer likes them too, but I think he will like them a lot more when they are able to interact with him. They are both super sweet, and so gentle anytime they get around them..I'm so thankful for them..

So thats my life for now.. We don't sleep much, but we are trying to power through! More to come on this little adventure!

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