Friday, May 24, 2013

Well, its a little late to go back now..

Does anyone else find it odd that it requires more proof and documentation to adopt a dog from an animal shelter than it does to have a baby? I mean you have to be more qualified to adopt a homeless dog than to have a hospital just hand over a baby to you.. In my case, they are handing me TWO..You would think they would have me take home one on a 'trial run' to see how I do, and If I pass, then they send me home with the second one! Anyway.. you can see I'm not feeling 'qualified' at the moment.. lol..

The Above passage is taken from my "Jesus Calling" book by Sarah Young. This book is so amazing. It gives you what you need on a daily basis. I decided to look ahead and see what the book said for the day the girls would be born..and Man, it was so dead on. Isn't it funny how God always knows just what you need? So cool.

So here we are. Tomorrow is the big day. We are both scared.. Right now mainly scared that I'm going to do okay, and that they are going to do ok when they get here.. Mainly fear of the unknown. But I know that God will take care of me, and giving MJ and I twin girls was obviously HIS idea, so he's got this. "Be still and know that I am God".. Its going to be hard, and always has been hard for me to be still. I haven't been still all my life.. Heck I'm about to POP and its STILL hard for me to be Still! But I'm going to try, because I know these babies have a lot of lessons to teach me. Did you know that because I am having fraternal, spontaneous, twins, we are 12% more likely to have them again. So guess what? We aren't having any more! Can you imagine.. I get pregnant again, and its twins AGAIN.. and its GIRLS! MJ would die..

I think we have everything ready... except for names. I did find out today we have 30 days. So we CAN leave the hospital without names. I hope we don't get to that point, but thankfully IF WE DO, my brother Grant, the Lawyer, can help us change them if we do leave with them being named "A" and "B"..

With all the tornado stuff that happened this week, its just so sad.. I've been praying for all those families, and those who lost all their loved ones and homes. So cool though to see Oklahomans join forces and help one another. Because of all this, MJ and I will probably be getting a storm shelter.. The weather in OK lately seems to be getting worse each year. I can count on one hand how many times we needed to go to the cellar, or even saw Hail when I was growing up in Canute.. Now we have golf ball hail every year.. and it gets more frequent each year.. Obviously weather is getting more dangerous, so we need to have a storm shelter.. I think we will get the kind that goes in the back yard, because those garage ones make me claustrophobic.

I almost got into a fight the other day at my favorite place.. Cafe 7.. A woman actually tried to steal a table from me.. Seriously? She acted like it was HER table even though she sat down way after me, and when I went to push it together (for my guests I was expecting) she said "You're not trying to take my table are you?".. I didn't want to have to play the "Are you seeing me giant pregnant and miserable card" but I was going to.. I said "Well I was holding this table because I obviously don't fit in a booth anymore".. So she kinda rethinks her rude ness and asks her friend to find another table.. I tell you, you should always be nice to pregnant people.. You never know when they are carrying giant twin girls and their sad bodies are about to give up. I've told people that I have actually felt BETTER these last 2 weeks.. and I think its because my body has just given up. Lol.. I'd give up too if I was it..

M & I appreciate all the sweet comments, prayers, and thoughts from you guys. We are very blessed to have so many cool people around us.. I go in at 7am on Saturday, surgery is at 9.. Should be updating and posting on Facebook for those who want to know how its going. We are all very excited, and scared, but know this will be a life changing experience that will bless us, and enrich our lives. I cannot tell you how excited we are to have our church home and family around us. We truly go to the best church ever. The things they have done for the tornado victims is just mind blowing, and the fact they are making time to come pray with us on Saturday before I go in is just awesome. I love all my Crossings family, and we are so excited to raise our girls there!! What blessings are in store for us! Thank you all for coming along on the journey! I'll report back soon!

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