Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Getting Closer...and Closer...

Well here we are.. 35 weeks.. wowza. Everyone keeps looking at me with Pity face.. then they realize they are looking at me with Pity and quickly turn the pity face into a smile.. I don't mind either one, it makes me laugh actually.. I probably look like like I need Pity.. I actually feel ok.. I don't feel great, but I think considering, I'm doing ok. My main issue is my back, and just feeling too heavy to get around or walk for very long..I mean geesh, these are big babies!

The good news is that I can still get in and out of the bathtub..I. Love. BATHS. The end.. I mean if I could not take a bath it would be so much worse.. My twin friend told me that I probably wouldn't be able to get out of there without rolling onto all 4's and hoist myself.. Thankfully this is NOT the case so far.. Although I will admit that the bathtub makes a giant sucking sound when I do get out.. I have been putting Epsom salts with Lavender in my baths and its my favorite time.. I have a feeling I will be missing it soon.. lol..

MJ & I have setup an email for the girls.. We have been emailing them throughout the pregnancy about what they are doing, and how I am doing.. I think it will be cool to look back on their lives and read this to them. We will make a scrapbook out of it eventually. I realized on Sunday that this will be my last "sane" Mothers Day.. Its safe to say that MJ & I are not sure if we are more scared of them staying in the womb, or actually coming out!

I'm still feeling very blessed though.. I don't have high blood pressure, and hopefully I won't get it.. Dr. Goff has taken great care of me.. I don't have acid reflux, heartburn, and I don't have much swelling.. A lot of the other pregnant people I know (though they are only having ONE mind you) are already having so many issues that are not cool.. I really think (even though this is a pain) taking my 25 vitamins a day has helped me a TON..but all of that starts with great Doctors, which I have had from the get-go.. Very happy about that.. I am all about knowledge.. Reading as much as you can and being prepared.. so that is what I've been doing.. I hate being unprepared.. I know I will be with a lot of things, but at least I have read up on the subjects!

I think this weekend MJ and I will try to have a nice date together.. being that a week from Saturday we will be in the hospital having babies! Does this seems insane to anyone else but me! Wowza..

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