Thursday, May 2, 2013

Wow.. You look really Pregnant".. Yeah, well thats what happens

Well hello everyone.. I'm now 34 weeks (as of tomorrow) which means I've made it to the home stretch.. They say babies born within this time are usually healthy and good to go, so what a blessing! Babies are BIG.. Especially Baby B.. at this time a normal singleton baby should weigh about 4 3/4 pounds.. My babes are 4.15, and 5.8 pounds! Which is great.. means their lungs, brains, and hearts are all bigger, and they will do much better when they come out..

We had another ultrasound on Monday.. Of course Baby A is facing my back and refuses to turn around.. We saw Baby B but her eyes were open, and she looked kinda odd, but we did see her perfectly formed ears! The Ultrasound tech kept poking on her with the wand, and she did NOT like that.. she always pokes back. She's feisty.. A doesn't like it when I sit down wit my legs up, or when I wear a pregnancy belt.. she will constantly kick it.. She has had the hiccups lately which results on a constant thump.. thump.. thump.. on my lower belly.

 I go see Dr. Goff tomorrow and we will be scheduling my C Section then.. Will probably be around May 27th. For those of you wondering, hell yes I'm having a C section.. why women would want to have anything else, I do not know.. Especially with twins.. Push two giant babies out? No thank you..thats just silly to me. Plus its not as healthy for the babies.. chances are you could push one out, and then the other one could be in distress and they would have to do a C section anyway.. So whats the point? With a C section I don't mess up my hair, makeup, etc.. and their heads look great with no stress to their little baby bodies.. Sounds like the best solution to me!

These women that are insane about giving birth naturally blow my mind.. I mean they honestly feel CHEATED by not getting to push watermelons out of peanut size openings.. What the hell? Cheated is losing your job when you did everything to keep it.. Cheated is having your paycheck furloughed because the government can't get their crap together.. Having a C section is NOT being cheated.. Think about the health of your babies, and yourself.. its insane. Yet I keep running into more and more of them that tell me how "cheated' I'm going to feel for having a C-section.. Yeah yeah.. You have fun with that.. I'll be just fine.

In other news this weather is dumb. I'm sick of it.. Brandon came over and helped MJ clean up the flower beds, and we plant all this lovely stuff and now we are going to have temps in the 20's? Get it together Winter.. its not your time.. Move on. I decided it would be cool to plan some of the flowers myself.. IT was sexy I tell you.. I'm out in the yard with garden gloves on, and on my hands and knees planting them.. except, Oopsie, I can't get back up.. awesome. So I roll over on all four's and hoist myself, only to find that my tank top has now ridden up leaving my giant twin belly exposed to the world and my neighbors who are probably looking out their windows and pointing and laughing wondering what the hell is wrong with me to begin with.. Well I can't pull my tank top down because my hands have mud all over them from the flower bed. Sweet.. So I try to hurry and wash them off, pull down my shirt, and put away the shovel.. Whoever told you pregnancy is bliss has obviously not tried to plant flowers at 33 weeks pregnant.. Welcome to my life. I paid dearly for it the next day with awful back pain, and my crotch dying. so Lesson learned on that deal. 

Baby A is also laying on some nerve or something because after sitting awhile my leg just dies.. It doesn't go to sleep it just won't move anymore.. It happened the other day in a restaurant. When we got up to leave, my leg wouldn't work and I almost fell down trying to get out of the chair.. Then I began limping around like a tool until it started to work again.. It bizarre.. An adventure everyday I tell ya! I also may or may not have ridden the electronic hover round at Homeland the other day.. and I also may have loved it.. Don't judge me.

You know what the other cool thing is? People at work saying the most ridiculous things to me.. Keep in mind, I'm in IT, so I work with a bunch of men.. This is what I have heard so far this week "OMG. How are you still able to walk" "OMG you look SOO PREGNANT" "WOW, your Belly is really protruding!" "You look like you could pop at any second" "I kinda want to touch your belly, but its scary" "Are you due like Now?"... Yes.. welcome to the world of considerate men.. lol.. Thankfully this is all humorous to me. I'm aware of how pregnant I look.. I walk around with it everyday and sigh a little when I walk past a mirror.. However, we are nearing the finish line, so I'm very blessed and happy to keep carrying them until they are cooked all the way through. God is good!!


  1. Just doing my weekly stalking --I mean checking in! ;) Glad the babies are still cooking! I hope you aren't feeling TOO miserable!

  2. Many women feel cheated because if there is no "normal" ora natural birth their hormones don't kick in as the body doesn't tell them the pregnancy is over. Kinda like a closure thing.
    Also a C section is NOT easier then natural birth. This is major abdominal surgery and that cut through all the muscles and everything is MUCH harder on your body than natural birth.
    I had both also twins and I prefer natural birth anytime, wearing make up and hair do is not really something that really concerns me by the time
    all that said. Good luck with your new baby girls and many many moments to enjoy as a new twin Mommy