Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Its all fun and games.. Until you have two..

Well I think I can successfully say we are 'over the hump'.. Lol, or at least on the downhill slide.. This past weekend we took the girls to the farm, and it was a success! We took them to see Pops & Grammy Joni, and they had a great time.. Then we were able to take them to Mom's Church (Trinity fellowship) and let she and Papa Steve show them off.. Yes, My mom might have went a bit overboard with their outfits, but they did look like living dolls!!

Church is about an hour and 45 minutes.. I just knew for sure, we'd make it for about 10 minutes.. lol.. I mean, I have good babies, but they are still babies, and babies cry and fuss.. Especially if your name is there's that.. The funniest part was Cross LOVED the music.. she would be quiet and watch when the music was going, and then fuss and squeal when they would pray.. Apparently she doesn't care for prayer right now, lol. So once Pastor Andy started preaching, Jordan took Cross outside and they were able to listen in the lobby.. Cross was nice out there as long as daddy was rocking her, so she went to sleep.. Londyn acted like an angel, and went to sleep and didn't make a peep..

Everyone says that Crosslee acts like me, and I'm "Payin for my Raisin'.. WEll this could be true, and everyday I thank the Lord that there are not TWO of her.. Yes, she is hilarious.. she smiles with her whole face, and when she is 2 I think she will probably be on TV dancing and singing somewhere.. but as a baby ME, she's a little hard to handle.. lol.. For those of you who know me, you know what I mean.. She loves music.. she loved being in front of the church (When they introduced us to mom's church).. She loves outside.. She loves animals.. and she has a high sense of urgency.. (Yes, she wants it waiting)..She will smile for you, but you better do something funny for it.. No smiles for free with that one. She also doesn't want you to kiss on her all the time!  She is mine..

Then there is sweet Londyn.. We think she acts like MJ.. She's pretty well content as long as she's had a nap, and food.. She's so sweet, and she looks just like a gerber baby! She smiles when you talk sweet to her.. She really only fusses when you change her clothes.. She hates that and acts like you are chopping off her head when you do it.. She loves to be rocked and cuddled, and she lets you kiss her as much as you want. She is MJ's..

Isn't that cool how God works? One of each with such distinct personalites at such a young age. I tell you, we did NOT plan for twins, and it pretty well scared us to death, but now we couldn't imagine how it would be with just one of them. We are a pair, and they are our pair..along with our pair of furry babes, Payslee & Sawyer.. Its a complete unit, and a great one at that. If you ever want to know how God works, just ask us, and we can tell you and show you our story.


  1. I love reading your post and seeing those sweet babies. I miss hearing you on the radio but on KOMA lately yes I quit KKNG after what they did I hear you on a Dentist commercial. I miss Bill also I guess he is out there somewhere I used to see him a lot at the Moose before he got married tell him Mickey the Plumber's wife misses him.