Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Cross has LEFT the building..

Well we are getting braver.. We have now had 3 or 4 successful (for the most part) outings with the girls.. We realized that if you go to LOUD places, no one can hear your kids cry, so that is a bonus, and that is what we look for in eating establishments now days.. Good food? ehh.. Loud Music? DING DING! So yes, we have been frequenting S&B Burger joint.. they play loud music, and we also happen to love the food, so its a win/win..

We took the girls to Church last weekend. Crossing has an atrium where they have a little coffee shop, book store, and jumbo tron.. on the Jumbo they are showing the actual service while its going on.. So we can sit out there with the girls and not disturb people when Cross squeals out like a Pterodactyl. So that has been awesome.. Then we took the girls to Sunday School after that.. That was NOT so awesome.. Cross liked the attention in the beginning, but then she got bored with it and became unruly. So I had to take her outside, where we spent THE WHOLE class.. Of course she eventually fell asleep.. but by then class was over.

Over the Weekend we took them to see Jordan's dad and step mom in Norman.. they are much better riding in the car now, so that is a blessing. We went to lunch (S&Bs in Norman, lol) and they did great.. Then e went and hung out at their house. Crosslee loved the back yard and spend most of her time looking around at all the pretty flowers. Then We went to Chelsea's twins birthday party. My sister Lexi and Cousin Joe were going to be there, so we all met up.. IT was a circus theme, and very

We also attempted the nursery for the first time on Sunday.. with not much succss I might add. I got the text 20 minutes into the lesson "Please return to the nursery".. Got there and Cross was in a fit of rage.. screaming uncontrollably.. So I took her into a quiet room, turned up Michael Jackson "Blame it on the Boogie" and got her to quiet down. She is a girl that loves music. She comes by it honest. You have to turn it up, and turn on Michael.. Gospel, Oak Ridge Boys, Rascall Flatts.. Those are good.. but they won't work when she's raging. She needs Michael. I'm going to try to video tape it, because you can watch her; When the song stops to go to the next, she starts crying again, and then when Michael comes back on..she quiets.. Its hilarous. And hey, she has good taste..

We also went to our first small group meeting with our church friends.. We were brave and took the girls and they had a great time! Cat (awesome church friend) carried Cross around and she was happy as a Lark.. She likes to be entertained.. Londyn had a good time too just watching everyone.

This weekend Gigi is coming up (Gi-Gi=My mom) to play with them.. They will be excited. They are getting to the point where they are more interactive and full of smiles.

So here's something for you.. Most of you who know me, know that in the past I've had weird issues with birds.. they flew into my house 6 times when I livd on Lynn Lane.. and would swoop me.. They wouldn't get out and it was bizarre.. At this house they sit on my window sill and peer in.. They try to fly into my car.. its odd. So you can understand why sometimes when I see them peering at me, I freak out a little.. Well last week I was leaving a building on the Chesapeake campus and for some bizarre reason, when the man opened the door I thought he was a bird coming inside the building.. lol.. NO CLUE on this.. It was dark..there was a tree outside..thats my only excuse.. So I put my arms up in full on defense mode like he's going to attack me.. This of course freaks the man out and he says "Oh my, I'm sorry".. well by this time I realize its a man, not a bird, and I feel like a moron.. So I say (digging a deeper hole and making myself appear more crazy) "Oh, its ok, I thought you were a bird".. Nice Shep.. nice.. The guy looks at me like an insane person.. Then it makes me laugh because I'm so stupid, and I can't get control of myself.. So now I've 1) acted like he was attacking me even though he was just walking into a building 2) told him he was a bird 3) laughed uncontrollable while I walk off where he can still hear me.. Great. Super professional..

So then I get to the car still laughing like a banshee and call MJ.. of course I'm laughing so hysterically that he can't understand me.. So the awesome story was wasted.. lol.. This is why its unfortunate that I'm not on the air anymore.. because this kind of crap is too good to make up.. lol..

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  1. Happy to hear about the girls. I loved that video the other day of you singing to was sooo sweet.