Thursday, September 12, 2013

What does the Fox Say

Well I have officially become obsessed with "What does the Fox Say".. its ridiculous, and it gets stuck in my head.. and when people ask me questions I find myself compelled to say "What does the Fox say?" in a serious tone, which in turn makes them think I'm bizarre.. So there you have it. If you haven't heard it yet, here you go.. You're Welcome..

So the girls are good. I can safely say that we like them much more now at 3 months.. they are really becoming fun. Crosslee is a mess. She makes me laugh with her ornery smile. If she is sitting in her bouncer and you reach down to get her, she immediately starts smiling and laughing like 'Ha ha! I won, you are picking me up!".. And then Londyn.. Sweet sweet girl.. When she wakes up in the morning and see's your face she immediately smiles and turns her face to the left like she is being bashful.. but its so cute. She and Cross are starting to notice each other more now and kinda stare at each other like "Hey.. You look familiar".. lol..

Crosslee is getting close to rolling over. She turns all the way on her side. Londyn is not really interested in that right now, but they both still love being in the water, and love to kick their feet in the big bathtub. They can hold their heads up now, so they aren't all weird and bobbly anymore, which is nice. I went to the Just between Friends sale the other day and got some fabulous stuff!! Yes, I'm still cloth diapering.. My nanny is amazing, and has been a huge help. I know, go ahead and laugh, but its actually going really well.. those diapers are SO cute. These are some of my fav's.. they are called Daddy's diapers.. LOVE the ruffle butts! I mean seriously.. we've come a long way from clothes pins.. these are Adorable.. I also love the bum genius ones, the fuzzibunz, and the thirsties.. If you want to know more about them, the folks at the Green Bambino are legit.. Call them.

The dog babes are good too.. except for Sawyer crying when the babies cry. ANNOYING. I love that puffed guy, but when I already have a baby crying, I don't need a shih-tzu to add to the mix. And he cries like you have cut off his paw.. He hangs his head and makes sad cry sounds until the baby quits crying. He mostly does it when Londyn cries, but sometimes when Cross does.. Then he gets Payslee crying and its a freakin madhouse.. so I'm trying to train him to stop doing that. Cross successfully stayed in the nursery last week! She didn't get kicked out.. I think I made it a challegnge for the nursery workers by saying "Well.. this one has been thrown outta here before" because the lady was like "What? Not this Baby.. Not on my watch".. like it was some sort of right of passage.. So she stayed there, and when I came to get her she was happily sitting in someone's lap. So Score! This means we get to go back to Sunday School again! I mean Crosslee really kinda has to kick it up a notch at church.. You can't be rude in a church that you were named after. I told her this. We'll see if she continues to comply.

So.. the other night I had a dream that I was watching over this sanctuary place and when I went to look in a river there were two giant crocodiles.. Like as big as dinosaurs.. and I said "Um, does anyone realize there are giant crocodiles outside?" and they said.. yeah.. LIke it was normal..Then I went back out there and there was a T-Rex waiting for me.. What the heck.. Then my dream jumped to me hanging out with these two guys that were dating and one was mad at the other.. So he took him to the lake, and little did the other guy know that the one guy had dug out a hole in the lake and put a cage in the water.. so when he swam over to it the guy threw a stuffed elephant into the water and it pulled him into a cage.. Then the guy says "You are going to die while listening to the sounds of dolphins being slaughtered".. Um ok. Anyone have any ideas on what THAT dream might mean???!?! I mean geez! And no, I didn't drink, or eat ham before I went to bed.. I mean really, who dreams stuff like that.. I'm so weird.

We had a good time at the farm a few weeks ago. We took the girls out there to visit my family and they love farm time with GG (My mom) and Papa (Steve), Grammy J (Joni) and Pops (Kirby).. Since Cross has pretty much quit raging life is much better. She still loves sitting outside.. She also loves to squeal in delight now. She will do it while just walking around with you.. just squealing. Londyn loves to talk. If you sit her in the bumbo seat and chat with her she likes to babble back. The enjoyed their farm time fun! They also got to see Cousin Ava, and Uncle Grant and Aunt Jenny.. They were in town so we all got to hang out. Its going to be so cool at Christmas because there will be 4 grand-kids that are all within 8 months of each other. Ava and Joe will be walking, and Cross will be crawling.. So much fun!

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  1. The girls are so adorable! Way to go on the cloth diapering too! We love cloth diapers over here too :-)
    ~Rachael McBee