Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Happy Thanksgiving!

Well is everyone ready for Thanksgiving?? I can tell you..that scheduling holidays with 4 sets of families is not a ton of fun.. there's never really a good time. With Grant & Lexi having Joe, Ava, and Luke.. we like to all try to get together so the kids can play, because they are all so close in age.. but with them having in-laws, me having in-laws, and me having 2 sets of parents.. its really a scheduling nightmare.. I'm sure you all know the feelings.. lol.. But.. Its such a blessing to have people you actually like to be around on the Holidays, so that is the ultimate blessings.

So with Thanksgiving just around the corner we have been trying to decide what to get the girls for Christmas.. We are going to be doing Advent with our small group this year and try to establish some fun traditions for the girls as they get older. I'm super excited about this. Terry & Laura (Our Sunday School teachers) wrote an Advent book that showcases songs, little events, and fun things to do with your friends and families to teach your kids about the importance of Christmas, and the true meaning. We are really excited. This will really be the first year they are excited.. and I say "They".. but I mean 'Cross'.. Londyn Lucille doesn't get excited about much.. Mainly bracelets, puffs, and magnets.. So she will be excited about that..

We did Phase out the Giant.. (Grim Reaper).. He has been in our yard since October.. Cross's best friend.. "The Giant".. but it was getting really windy and cold. So we decided to take her to Big Lots and let her pickout her own giant.. There were plenty to choose from.. Giant Santa's, Reindeer's, Shivering Snowmen, Norman Snowmen, Olaf, a Polar Bear.. I mean there were some good options.. She wasn't really that excited about any of them honestly.. but she picked the Reindeer.. Now, the one thing she DID get excited about.. was a giant Monkey.. but this one didn't inflate. He was just a super soft stuffed monkey. She hugged him.. (I should have known better than to take her over there.. but I'm a glutton for punishment apparently) and when I told her she had to tell him goodbye, she said "Ok Monkey.. I have to go bye bye.. I see you next time" It was so sad.. She will probably get him for Christmas because I'm a sucker.. #dummy. I can't stand their little faces to be sad. LL has the perfect sad face..
This is not the full extent of it.. but if you were to take away those markers.. you would see it come in full form.. So we'll see what Santa has in store for them. I wasn't really going to do Elf On a Shelf.. but.. They both really loved the Pout Pout Fish Book they got for their birthday.. so I think they would like reading a story and then searching for their elf.. so we'll see. Cross is already super excited about Christmas Lights and Christmas tree decorations. This is going to be a really fun year with them. Cille gets excited about bling.. which means she will really love the trees at Gigi's house!

I thought about working on Potty training for about 30 minutes.. then realized we would be driving 3432 places this week, so I should prob wait until we get back into town. I feel like Cross could be ready.. but I'm not sure.. We'll see.. I know for a fact that Cille could care less. She would be happy Poopin' her pants all day long.. lol.. Hopefully.. HOPEFULLY.. she will grow out of that.

But.. as this time of year approaches.. and as I've gone through the whole Nicu/premature baby thing with my friend Kristen.. I've realized I have a whole lot to be thankful for. Don't know how many of you have been following the Blog from Rory, and "Joey+Rory".. but its just been heartbreaking. She's 40 and dying.. and her baby is not even 2. When I think about leaving my girls, it hurts my heart.. I can't imagine anyone else raising them, or laughing with them.. or teaching them.. They are such unique children that I know no one else in the whole world would love them like I do..and she's going to have to leave that baby to a world without her mama in it.. It just hurts my soul. When I look at my girls, I can't imagine anyone choosing to not be around them, or squeeze them, or play with them daily.. but I know that is always a possibility.. So I always want to be here for them.. to protect them, and to raise them. So with that said, I have a lot to be thankful for.. 
1) My Amazing God, My Amazing Church & Church Family.. 
2) My Beautiful Healthy Family.. Sweet Husband, My Sweet girls and dog babes
3) My awesome family of people who love me and take care of me, and more importantly HELP me.. lol. Some days I need a break, or a day off, and they are awesome about coming to my rescue! 
4) The fact that I am healthy, and for the most part, my body still works. And the fact that I was able to carry twins..That makes me proud of my body.. flabby and all.. 
5) That I have a good job, that allows me to live in a beautiful neighborhood, drive a nice car, and provide for my family. 

So with that Said.. Have a great Thanksgiving!! 

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