Thursday, September 3, 2015

Property Brothers, where are you??

So for the past few months.. we have been in the process of selling a house, and buying another one.. When we went into this little adventure we thought it would be made up of Rainbows, unicorns, beautiful houses, awesome sellers, and perfect houses.. I can now tell you that it is made up of NONE of those things...

We sold our house Quickly.. 3 weeks to be exact.. We have an amazing realtor, Laura Feix from Harris Realty, who I have started to feel sorry for on a daily basis for having to deal with us, but she has stuck it through with us, and we are super thankful for that.. So.. We didn't really want to look at a TON of houses before we sold ours for fear that the other houses would sell and then we would be sad that we didn't get to pick them.. So we really didn't start looking hard core for a house until Late July.. We figured a 60 day close on our house would give us PLENTY of time to find another one... After all, we had already found several that we liked anyway, how hard could it be? Um Very..

Why you ask? Well.. because as awesome as MJ and I are.. We are really not built for house buying.. I'm not built for long term looking..and MJ is not built for negotiations.. This does NOT make a great buying team, lol.. We also don't come at things the same way.. so I'm looking at 1970's houses with waterfalls in their bathrooms thinking "Um, this is incredible!".. and MJ is thinking.. "You have lost your mind" while he is oogling a 3 car garage, theater room, or something new and shiny.. We don't really even agree on what KIND of houses we like.. We don't really know WHERE we want to be.. and HOW MUCH we want to spend... Once again, pray for Laura.

For those of you who don't know.. We bought our first house when it was almost finished.. Just finished enough where we got to pick out the carpet, fixtures, tile, paint, etc.. Guess how much I did of this? Yup. NONE. I hate stuff like that.. I don't care about paint or tile, and I dang sure don't care about grout color.. MJ, On the other hand, LOVES stuff like this.. and he did an amazing job with our house. Awesome tile, paint colors, backsplash, etc.. I mean its awesome.. thats why we sold it in 3 weeks! I was smart for leaving this to him, because I probably would have picked a rainbow Tile with crystals sparkling on top of it, and a hand painted mural of Roy Orbison.. Probably not great for resale value.. but anyway.. So he does all that and it turns out awesome.. The only thing I pick for the house? Bling Knobs for my Cabinet. They are legit. I love them.. and I'm taking them with me to the new house. That was my ONE thing.. Probably for the best..

So the first offer we made didn't agree to what we asked for.. and we walked.. only for them to come back and agree to it later, and us to decide we didn't want to spend that much money.. The 2nd offer we made was just kinda weird.. WE couldn't get the info we wanted, and they couldn't get the price they wanted.. and it made us all feel uneasy, so we walked..

The 3rd offer we made the seller decided he was not down to pay any closing costs. Like Any.. Well that was obviously not workable for us, so we even offered him MORE than he had the house listed for.. He STILL said no.. even though the house had been on the market for a LONG time..and he had no other offers.. Still said No.. So at this point.. I'm throwing money at people screaming "SELL ME A HOUSE! And praying Laura doesn't walk out the door.. But like I said, she's awesome.. so she only continued to power through with us, pray with us, and fight the good fight!! At this point I'm also thinking its a shame that Property Brothers, or Fixer Upper is not ringing me on the phone.. then I remember that I didn't really apply to be on that show.. so there's that..

Finally.. Finally... We came back to a house.. Agreed on a house.. because at this point.. we are truly running out of time. We close on our house Sept 25, and you have to do inspections, appraisals, blah blah.. so we literally had 0 days left.. BUT.... We have a house!!!! And its close to everything we do in work..friends, etc.., With wood floors, a field for the dogs, more space... And yes, MJ got the 3 car garage, and No, I don't have a waterfall for a bathtub.. boo.. But...Marriage is all about compromise folks.. So thank you so much to Laura Feix.. We could not have done this, or would have wanted to do this without her.. She's been super helpful throughout this process, and we have appreciated her honest opinions and the fact that she always had our best interest in mind.

Do also want to give special Shout out to our Awesome Mortgage person, Ces Vorse at 1st Mortgage Company.. Love her and couldn't have done this without her either.. She is EXCELLENT at her job.. and fabulous... which are 2 great qualities! We have some awesome ladies in our life! So with that being said.. We are moving on up! I'll have more details on the house and such at a later date..

In other sad news.. My friend Shelly died last week. She was only 46 years old. I've known her since 2005 and we have had a lot.. LOT of fun together.. We went to college together, worked in radio together, and attended MANY a concert together.. We even managed to make it to Hawaii!! I think she had been sick for awhile, but no one really knew that..and I will say that she certainly went out with a bang.. Taking some trips to New Orleans, awesome concerts and such.. She was truly the life of the Party and she always readily accepted new friends and made them feel welcome. She was a gem, and I'll really miss her smile. RIP Shell.. I know you'll be throwing awesome parties in Heaven, and you'll be glad to hug your mama again. Thanks for all the good times.


  1. I love reading your post....they make me smile. STILL haven't ever seen those beautiful babies that are growing up so fast. I know you enjoy being a Mommy to those two.
    So sorry to hear about Shelly. I believe I met her once. I remember that smile. I haven't lost any of my BFF's yet. I do not look forward to that day.

  2. It sounds like you have been going through some hard times in spite of your successes in the property market. I'm really sorry to hear about your friend. The property market here in the UK is just impossible to get onto unless you are lucky enough to have money in the family. Me and my partner both work full time and we still struggle a bit.

    Melvin @ Evolve Group