Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Poor Sweet Sawyer boy

Well for those of you who follow me on Facebook you have heard about this, but for those of you who don't, I shall tell the story.. 

My Sweet Sawyer started acting funny last Tuesday.. so I took him in on Wed morning before work (Neel is open 24 hours, and emergency hours are over at 6am) So we went in at 7.. they worked him over.. felt of him, stretched him, etc. Nothing.. So we went home... Well I went back home at lunch, he was shaking, and crying, so I rushed him back..This time my regular Vet was there, and he did xrays.. It didn't show much, but did show a little abnormality in his back between his vertebrae, so he sent us home with Pain meds.. I gave them to him for a few days, but he never really got a ton better..

On Sunday when we left for church he was resting and then when we came home he had lost control of his back legs..he was sliding across the floor, so I just burst into tears and emailed my vet (He wasn't working that day, but I have his phone number and email, lol) So he calls Neel and Dr. Jeff, and tells me to go back up there.. They admit him, and start an IV steroid drip and muscle relaxers.. Well at that point I knew we were in for more than we had thought.. I started to research it, and found he had a form of disc disease. (any time a dog has a bulging disc, slipped disc, etc, it has to be called disc disease) So Dr. Logan called me and told me he was a good candidate for surgery.. Being that Sawyer is in good health, and very active, and young, he would be able to make a full recovery, and not have to worry about re-injury.. So he called the surgeon and we were able to get in last night.. 

The Surgery center is over there behind Sams Club off Memorial and Penn. The surgeon was Dr. Streeter, and she was awesome.. she watched him walk and knew that he had a bulging disc.. So he goes to get a Cat scan where they can see exactly where its at.. and sure enough, HUGE bulging disc in his back... So she just takes it out (Dogs have the ability to fuse their bones back together with no problem, unlike people) So now it will be fixed for good. No worries about re-injuring it being that they took out the problem area, and the chance for re-injury is less than 1%..If we had just done the medical route (which he also could have done, and would have improved) He might have re-injured it again, and could have possibly ended up paralyzed.. Well knowing that Sawyer is a happy, running, jumping boy, I just didn't want to take the chance.. Also his 6 pound sister loves to pounce on him and chase him, so I knew we did the best thing for our tzu family.. So..what did all this set me back? You don't even want to know.. Seriously.. 

But I guess in the long rung, cheaper than taking him back to the vet every 6 months with a new injury.. But man, that sucks..and put a big dent in our savings account.. but he's worth it..He's only 3, and my pride and joy so ya gotta do what ya gotta do! So beans and rice for me for the next year, but I love my dog!! lol..  And I know he brings so much joy to  the patients he visits every Thursday, and those who can't move in their beds, when he sits patiently with them while they look at him for love. 

Some have said, "you fool.. why didn't you have pet insurance".. Well I did.. for 2 years.. I never used it. So I was spending $60/month for a once a year vet visit, and I wasn't even breaking even! So we just put some money back each month for times like this.. Also, for those of you curious about pet insurance.. I went with PETFIRST, and they are great.. but they do not cover ANY pre-existing conditions, or degenerative diseases.. So It wouldn't have really helped me in the long-run.. but It is something to think about possibly for Payslee again later.. Its basically something that will pay your vet bill if your dog gets hit by a car, or run over.. Mainly for 'accidental' stuff.. So something to consider.. Sawyer was born with bad discs.. so for those of you who have had the same thing happen, its not something 'you' did.. He jumps, runs, wrestles, and does all those things, and yes, I could try to stop him, but dogs that have bad discs can also be hurt from walking across the room.. So don't blame yourself if your babe ever gets it.. I'm just happy that it can be remedied, and I get my sweet guy back soon! Miss Pays has been missing him!! Thank you all for keeping him in your thoughts! He will be home soon!



  1. Oh KC, SOOOOO happy to hear he's on the mend and no re-occurrence from here on! When you get him back in your arms, give him a little extra tight hug from Auntie Vicki and the tzu crew!!

  2. I knew you would do the right thing.. ;-)

  3. I'll be happy when he's back home and all himself again. I know it's going to take awhile. And the money spent is the best money you've ever spent.

  4. OH MY...I am behind on reading...bless your heart. It is awful when our babies get sick. That is why they call it savings...for times when you need to use it for the unexpected. Our Booksey Rose cat had cancer surgery and we nearly passed out at the bill. BUT it was worth it.