Friday, February 3, 2012

Hello February!

Well Its been a good start to the New Year.. Didn't end up doing much for New Years..I had a cough then, and I STILL HAVE A STUPID COUGH. I dont know what else to do about it.. seems a lot of folks have it, including my Doctor who has had his since Dec 22... I've taken Codeine, steroids, antibioics, Delsym, Mucinex, and I even tried drinking a bottle of Tennessee It didn't work either, but figured I would quit coughing, or either pass out...Lol. BUT.. so far, none of those things have worked and I am still coughing.. So annoying..
Payslee got a new Valentine Dress, and a new Easter Dress...The Easter dress is above, and I'll get some pics of the Vaentine Dress this week when we go on our visits.. She's been doing great at Therapy Visits, and Sawyer is actually doing really good too now! He likes to just sit with the little ladies and let them pet him. He's so soft that they all love doing that. So I'm very proud f both of them..Rally is 14 now..he's had such an interesting life with me. I got him in College..he moved with me to Corpus Christi, back to Weatherford, To OKC.. He's seen a lot in his life! He' still going strong too.. He can't hardly hear anymore, and his eyes aren't what they used to be..but he loves playing with Sawyer and running around still, so thats all I can ask for!
MJ & I are planning a trip to Colorado at the end of this month. We are going to a place called Monument..We are going to take the dog babes and stay in a cool cabin. Its a 10 hour drive (I hate driving) but hopefully it will be fun once we get there.. MJ loves Colorado, and I think the dogs will like bouncing around in the moutains. We leave on March 1 and are going to stay about 3 days.. It will be funtimes!
Work is going great. I am still amazed by the awesome things Chesapeake offer me. And very grateful for the opportunities they give us. I had my meeting with Aubrey, and I can tell you, he's just as cool and dynamic in person as he is on paper, and on TV.. Very cool guy. Also very cool that he still meets with every single new employee in his company, and he has over 12,000.. So you can see that would be time consuming, so I'm glad he's still willing to do it.
MJ and I are going to an awesome Church class called "Prep For Marriage".. its so good..and so something EVERYONE who is even thinking about getting married should go to. Dr. Kim Kimberling teaches it, and we've met some awesome new couples in it, and learned some great things. its 8 weeks long and we are in week 5 and just love it. All is good in Sheperd town!! Oh, and PS, I love Pinterest! If you aren't following me, you can here..

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