Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Who knew Shih-tzu's were vicious?

So MJ has been accusing Payslee of biting his feet.. He woke me up in the night the other day saying "Payslee! Stop it!!" and I said, "What she is doing?" and he said "She's biting my feet!".. so I scooped her up and took her away.. Now let it be said that Miss P loves sleeping with MJ. She curls up next to him, and he will wake up in the night and she will be sleeping with her head on his pillow, laying upside down.. She is always nestled up by him.. So, I found it a bit hard to believe that she "all of the sudden" starts biting his toes in the night.. As you can imagine this was also hilarious to me. I mean here you have a grown man hollering in the night like a rabid beast dog is attacking him..and its a 6 pound shih-tzu girl!!

Well a few weeks went by and she didn't nibble his toes.. so I let it go. So on Monday night as we were getting ready for bed we were just about to turn off the lights and he says "NO! She's doing it again!! She's biting my feet!".. so of course I look down there..and she is doing nothing..just laying pleasantly at the end of the bed.. So either MJ is imagining things, or my Sweet Miss Payslee is biting MJ and then pretending not too.. Either of which is VERY funny to me..So I'll keep you updated..

MJ & I are also thinking of buying a house so we've been going out each week with our Realtor and looking at them.. At first it was fun, but now its getting annoying because the second we find one we like, it goes 'pending' and is sold! Its happened to us with like 5 houses.. Apparently its a crazy time because everyone is scared the interest rates are going to go back up, so people are scooping them up like crazy.. We are trying to get in the area over by the Kilpatrick.. kinda near Wilshire & County line road.. So we'll see what happens..

I got my hair done last week.. I'm back to Blond/Red.. and I love it! I was sick of my hair being all one color, so I went kinda wild this time. Nicole did an amazing job at Changes hair Salon. If you are looking for a great hair stylist, give her a call, 405-340-8190 or visit her website. MJ was a little shocked with it at first, but he's warming up to it.. I can't just have 'normal' hair, lol. I also got my bangs back.. I had grown them out, but I missed them.. plus I can always grow them out again. My hair grows fast.

Valentines Day was awesome.. He surprised me with Gerber daisies that had little jewels in the center of them. .and then a giant tub of Movie Popcorn! It was awesome!! Not much else going on.. The dog babes are still going on Therapy visits and handed out Valentines to the residents with their pics on it. MJ & I are also going to a class at Crossings called "Prep for Marriage" and its amazing.. We have a great teacher (Kim Kimberling) and I highly recommend anyone who is thinking about tying the knot to get in that class.. its very good.. but all the classes at Crossings are!! Hope you are all having a great week!

PS.. Love the Voice.. So much better than Idol, and I love Blake Shelton!!


  1. Payslee is biting him, because he is paying too much attention to you and she thinks he belongs to her!
    Love the hair.

  2. Are the "bites" actually perhaps "Love nibbles"? Or are they "pain"? Our little Shih Tzu, "Snoodles" loves to give my wife's fingers "Love nips" when we both come home from being away for a few hours. They don't hurt her. He won't do it to me...of course, he's a Mama's Boy anyway. But when I'm gone for a few days judging a music festival somewhere, he greets me like I haven't been home for months! But nibbles. He's so loving and friendly with everyone, tho...his tail won't stop!

  3. Not necessary something to take lightly. A shih tzu just tried to eat my face off a few days ago when I was in the floor giving puppy kisses to my own dog. Walked up to me while wagging tail, then attacked out of nowhere. Resulted in visit to the E.R., pain medication, antibiotics, and now waiting on a follow-up with a plastic surgeon. It doesn't matter how small the dog is, behavior like that is not cute: someone could eventually get hurt (and you are liable).