Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Thanksmaseve day

Well, hope everyone had a good Thanksgiving.. We did.. We went to the farm and took the dog babes.. They always love it out there, so many new smells and things to see.. We had a great Thanksgiving Dinner.. Mom and I didn't do much Black Friday shopping.. It doesn't have the same Zeal in Elk City & Burns Flat as it does in OKC, lol.. We did go and decorate a Christmas tree... she took Junior and I took Payslee. AS you can see in the pic, they are being good helpful babes..

Afterward we went to Elk City to re-stock the Dog store "Woofs gone wild" at the Attic door.. I put a tutu on Miss P and she flitted around "Look at me.. Look how cute I am" and wouldn't you know, we sold 3 tutu dresses.. Lol.. I swear thats why they loved her working at Paws Around Town! She's a Natural salesgirl!

While we were out doing that stuff, MJ, Steve & Randy were off Deer hunting. MJ has had all the 'hunting' stuff for a long time now with nothing to hunt.. So being that its deer season and my family is quite skilled at deer hunting they took him out on our land where he shot this 8pt Buck.. He wasn't that keen on skinning/gutting the deer..but he powered through.. We are going to make jerky and deer sausage out of the deer, and of course he is getting it mounted to hang in our house.. (Lucky Me) lol.. I'm sure it will end up in his man cave anyway..

We went and saw my dad on Thanksgiving evening.. Got to visit with my new niece and nephew, Ava, and Joe.. I was amazed at all the baby stuff it takes to have ONE baby, lol.. It was all over the living room! lol.. They were both very cute and dolled up for the Holidays.. Joe loves rocking in his swing, and Ava loves people to carry her around.. Either of those things sounds pretty great to me! lol

Here they are hanging out in their Grammie Gowns.. Ava is on the left, and Joe on the right.. they are pretty jolly...

MJ & I got out all the Christmas stuff.. We put up the tree. Its MJ's Black tree, and I filled it wih glitter ornaments.. He says it looks like Hobby Lobby threw up on it.. whatever.. Men dont know about glitter..  We are going to put up the Christmas lights this weekend.. there is a guy across the street from us who has went all out.. with inflatables, lights, candy canes, etc.. We have to do something to be able to hang with him and not be shamed out of the neighborhood..

We took our mini Vacation to Beavers Bend 2 weeks ago.. It was fun.. We had a cute little Cabin and the dogs loved running and jumping in all the leaves.. It was in the middle of nowhere, so after 2 days of it, we got bored.. but it was nice to get away.. very pretty up by Broken Bow..

I went to a baby shower for a girl in my Sunday school class on Sunday.. I know you all will be shocked by this.. but I am TRULY not a joiner.. It took everything I had to even get myself there.. I dont know very many people in my class yet, and the idea of walking into a house of people I dont know is not appealing to me.. Especially to a baby shower.. but I powered through.. It ended up being a really good time, and people enjoyed my ridiculous tales of my life.. So I'm glad I put my fear behind me.. but man, I wish it wasn't so socially awkward for me. People think that because I was on the radio and so loud and entertaining that it meant I was that way in real life.. No.. I mean think about it folks: I was talking to MYSELF in a room BY MYSELF for 5 hours.. lol.. I'm actually pretty introverted when it comes to things like that.. Shhh.. dont tell.. I'm pretty good at faking it, lol.

Hope you all had a great Thanksgiving!

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