Thursday, November 8, 2012

Glad. Election. Is. OVER.

Who was sick of election crap? Yup, me too.. It got so bad on facebook that I actually had to quit reading it.. I have one friend who is just an insane liberal.. I can't listen to him anymore.. Reading his posts makes me angry.. Not because he's a liberal, but because he's sooo far left that he never even considers any other thoughts..

I didn't care for either candidate.. I thought they both sucked. I really thought we could have come up with two better ones out of all the people in the world.. but I still went out and voted because I do appreciate the right to do so.. I think right now the country is so polarized with being SO LEFT or SO RIGHT that it makes it impossible to get things done.. I sure do hope that changes eventually.. So needless to say, I'm glad its over!!

Well in happier, more awesome news.. I won Chesaween 2012!! First place!! All by myself too, so I didnt' have to share the goods, lol.. I dressed up as a giant traffic light with a traffic cone hat and sang a parody song of Frank Sinatra's "MY Way" called "You can't go THIS way" about parking and construction on the Chesapeake Campus.. it was a good song, so I'm glad I won.. There were some awesome costumes.. Light "Thunder gnome" & The Jamiacan bob sledders.. It was a fun event.. and I'm so thankful to work for a company that lets you take half a day off to go to a Halloween party!! Awesome!!

Next week Jordan & I are taking our mini-honeymoon and going to a Cabin at Beaver Bend.. We get to take the dog babes, so they are excited to be in a cabin and see the wilderness.. It will be a nice relaxing weekend.. Then the weekend after that its Thanksgiving! Can't believe that Christmas is just around the corner!

Not much else going on.. Been watching the TV show "Nashville".. its pretty good.. Also been loving "American Horror Story"..but dang.. that one is scary.. Still watching the VOICE and I made the mistake of watching XFACTOR last night..but man, its just not that good.. and Britney Spears looks terrible..They put Khloe Kardashian on that show as a host, and she is almost as terrible as Brooke Burke on Dancing with the Stars.. geez.. get them off TV please..

Hope you guys are enjoying your fall.. I need to get inspired to put up my Christmas stuff.. blargh.. My brother Grant & His wife had a baby girl, Ava.. and then my sister Lexi and her husband Brandon, had a baby Boy, Joe.. So I'm an Aunt twice over! Went to see both of the babes, and they are all doing great!

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