Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Hello Hotness..and I dont mean myself! HAAAAAY!

Geesh..its HOT. I can't even walk/rollerblade the dogs till after 8 now, or thier feet might burn off! Which makes it impossible to go to bed at a decent hour..because if we rollerblade at 8:15, to 8:45, then that puts me getting in bed by like 10..blargh. Too late! Oh well..such is life..

Tonight Payslee and I go to our second "Manners" class. They ended up splitting the class into two separate classes, so I'm not sure which other dogs will be with us..but it will still be fun. We go this evening at 6pm.

Well I started a 7 day diet today. You go on it for 7 days..off for 2..on for 7..I'm not that excited about it, but Its pretty easy to stay on, and you are supposed to be able to lose weight pretty quickly. If you want more info about it, email me at kc.s@tylermedia.com.

So yesterday a guy called me that is interested in my music career..I'm not sure where THAT's going to go..but its always nice to be loved! I'm sending him some CD's today. So if you missed "Waiting on a Waggoner" today, my delicious Parody song you can listen to it HERE:

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