Thursday, June 25, 2009

Thursday fun for you..

I had a great night last night! Becca (one of my co-workers) adopted a dog from and I went over to help her go over the basics of training with her kids. She adopted "Chessie" and later changed her name to "Jessie"..

She was so great! I taught the kids how to be the 'pack leader' and how to walk her without her dragging them. Jessie is so sweet, and a perfect fit to their family. I love happy endings! She had been in the shelter for TWO years, and now she is only 3 years old, so now she will live out the rest of her life with a family that loves her! Hooray! Here is a special song for all those who have adopted, or rescued a dog:

After walking Jessie for awhile, I went home and let my babes run wild in their field..I'm on Day #3 of the Sacred Heart Medical Diet. Today I eat the Soup, and all the veggies and fruit I want. It seems the worst part of it is over. Yesterday when I had weighed I had lost 2 lbs. I forgot to weigh this morning..Once again, if you want the diet info just email me

Also, one of our listeners sent this to me yesterday..
Pass this on if you know someone. They are killing 400 dogs a DAY in Oklahoma City because they are too crowded, and it just breaks my heart.. Here's BUCK!

My name is Buck. I am approximately 2-years old and am a male Doberman/Greyhound mix. I weigh about 44 lbs. I'm currently residing at the Purcell Animal Shelter, but I think some people around here are getting tired of me and have started talking about putting me "to sleep". They say I'm not so adoptable because I growl when people come up to my cage. But, my friend Diana, who works here, says that far from being mean, I am a total sweetheart, just fearful when I'm caged up! I just don't like being in that cage, and all those people staring at me and poking their fingers in at me!

But, you let me out of that cage, and I become a different dog! I have known some abuse in the past, so I might be a bit slow to warm up to you, but I know with a bit of time, you and I could become best buds. I hang out with a couple girl dogs here, and we all get along wonderfully! I am neutered, heartworm negative, and current on my shots!

Diana tells me my days here could be numbered, so she asked my friend Michelle with Best Friends of Pets to try and find me a foster as soon as possible. Best Friends will work really hard to help find me a forever home, if I can just come stay with you for awhile!

If you can help me by being my foster parent, please e-mail Michelle at or call her at (405) 420-2554.



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