Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Rollerblading at Lake Hefner & How to save Money

Well Yesterday I decided to brave the elements and take the dogs to Lake Hefner to try our hand at Rollerblading. Not to say that I haven't rollerbladed, because as most of you know I do that frequently, but I had never done it at Lake Hefner, with 3 dogs! We made it..but barely. The biker people just kill me! Not all of them, but MOST of them seriously could care less if they were to run over me, or my dogs..I mean is it really that important Mr. Speedo that you can't move over to the other lane, as opposed to rolling over me!

I make the dogs mind too, and they must stay in their lane..but what I really hate is the biker people who want to ride in a foursome, so they won't pick a lane..eventually I end up on the grass, because they just refuse for ONE second to ride in only one lane..I'm tired of you Biker people.. tired of you. PICK A LANE!
I do love watching the Kite people at the Lake. I'm amazed how they are able to stay upright while on their boards. The Lake is pretty this time of year, and its nice because the rain has filled it up. It was hot and muggy though yesterday.
I gave Payslee a bath yesterday. I'm going to give Sawyer one today, and then Rally is going to the groomer this weekend. All 3 are going to Camp Bow Wow in Edmond this weekend to hang out. Mom, Carol, Renee, & I are going to Dallas this weekend to see my boys, Rascal Flatts..Its going to be a fun girl weekend!
****How to Save $5,000 a Year*****
From Money Magazine
  1. Use only your banks ATMs and save yourself the service charges
  2. Don't go to Starbucks; bring your own coffee to work
  3. Rent a DVD 3 times a month instead of going to the movies
  4. Ride your Bike around town instead of going to the Gym
  5. Borrow a book from a friend instead of shelling out $25 everytime you go to the bookstore
  6. Hand wash your dry clean only items
  7. Take your family on a road trip vacation instead of flying somewhere
  8. Brown bag your lunch 3 times a week instead of buying it every day.

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