Monday, June 22, 2009

"Pimp My Pet" Contest, & Limo Magic!

We are having a fun little contest called "Pimp My Pet".. The pet that wins (we draw June 26) gets a $200 giftcard from the Cosby Ranch in Mustang, and a free makeover from the Paw Spa. You can email me a picture of your pet at along with your name/pet name/address, & Phone number and you could win some sweet pampering for your furbaby!

Friday morning there was a 'rockstar' line to get into Cattlemens (see left) and we had a great time giving away the tickets to "New Face Showcase" with my Delicious James Otto.

I had an interesting weekend to say the least..Friday night I had a "Water-off" with my crazy neighbor..I was watering my yard, when she came out and started to water HER yard..well when she would inch closer to the curb/road..I WOULD inch closer to the road (I'm showing NO FEAR! lol)..Neither of us were backing down..except then she started squirting people with her hose as they went by! I did'nt partake in this activity..but finally after about 10 minutes of watering SHE turned HER hose off first! Haha! Strike one up for Sheperd!! There was no yelling, or racial slurs from her this time, so hey..maybe we are making!

Saturday night my friends and I went out for a night on the town..and boy was it! We stopped by several different places including Dan O'Brians, Edna's, & Cafe Do Brazil!! We had a blast..Although, I did lose my shoe..first I broke my shoe, then taped it with green tape..then somehow it didn't make it home with me..Oh well, it was broken anyway! I'll tell you though, I can party down....till about 10pm! Then I'm out like a light! What a lame-o I am! Amy, Brandon, Joel, Lauren, Shelly, & Paul and I all had a blast..I have awesome friends!

I called my dads on Fathers day, and will probably go home to visit them both next weekend. I got the DVD of me singing with dad on the Rodeo Opry, so I'll try to post the video soon.. Happy Monday!

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