Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Rascal Flatts & Dog Training

I had a great weekend! Mom, Carol, Renee' & I left for Dallas on Friday afternoon and got to Grapevine around 6:00. We went over to the Grapevine Mall and had supper at the Rainforest Cafe..It was a little too loud for us. I had been to the one in California & Las Vegas, but It was just too loud! We shopped a little bit that evening, but decided to call it a night around 9pm.

Saturday we got up and headed back to the mall for a lovely day of shopping, and exercise.. I say exercise because that Mall in Grapevine is ridiculous big and walking around it took forever! We had fun though, then headed back to our beautiful motel (the Hampton Inn in Grapevine). We were about 20 minutes from the Superpages center, so we took off around 5:30 and headed to the show. It was HOT outside, but we were excited and ready to go!

We weren't supposed to get to go to the Darrius Rucker meet and Greet, but Magical Neda from Lyric street records got us in, and yes, Mom totally Smash-faced Darrius Rucker!!

He put on a great show, and actually sang some of the Hootie and the Blowfish Songs. The whole show was great. Cledus T Judd opened it up, then my Flatts boys came out and they were AWESOME, as usual. Its one of my top 3 concerts of all time. The Encore was them brining Darrius back out and singing "Hold my Hand" and "Revolution" and "Life is a Highway"..it was an awesome show with my awesome mom, and some awesome friends!! Here's Renee', me, and Carol.

Then last night was Payslee & I's first "Manners" class..It went pretty well, because she was BY FAR not the worst one in the class, so that made me feel better. We are working on "Pay attention to me" and "Sit".. She already knows these things at home, but in a room full of screaming dogs, its a little harder to keep her attention!! I'll post more about it tomorrow!

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