Monday, June 1, 2009

Great weekend at the farm!

Well we had such a fun weekend! We went to the farm, and took the babies to meet Mom's new Border Collie baby, Izzy. I thought Payslee might act ugly, but she didn't..they all ran and played and played! They had such a good time!

I also got Payslee's life jacket on Friday. I figured she might need it for this weekend, but she didn't. I put it on her though. It has a handle, and that made me laugh. She didn't seem to mind it much, but I didn't put her in the pool with it on. I did put her in the pool and let her swim around to
learn where the steps are..She did a good job. She looked like a little Otter swimming. Sawyer seemed to enjoy it more than Payslee did. He swam for a bit, but then he went under a little bit, and that scared him, so he got out after that.

Look How Cute Payslee is in her life jacket! She's so light I could carry her around like a little purse. She and Sawyer, and Izzy chased each other around, and bit each other pretty much the whole weekend. This is the only time that Izzy will be the same size as Payslee..Here's a picture of her..

I also learned how to shoot my new gun this weekend. Its a Smith & Wesson pistol. I like it much better than my revolver that dad gave me. I was able to hit the Dr. Pepper can, so thats a plus! I seriously doubt I will ever have to shoot it, but at least I'll have the comfort of knowing that if someone tries to come into my house and get me, I'll be ready!
We talked about these tips this morning, so enjoy!
**Tricks Restaurants Use to Get You to Spend More:
**When you open the menu, you naturally tend to look at the upper right hand corner. So that’s where restaurants will put their most profitable items. Not necessarily the most expensive, the most profitable. For instance, a restaurant will make more money off a pasta dish than a steak dinner because the ingredients are cheaper. Also, Rapp says these are the most commonly overpriced items: Filet mignon at a steakhouse, salmon in a seafood restaurant, and a margarita at a Mexican place.

**The next menu trick to look out for – if there are no dots connecting the menu item to its price. That makes it harder for your eye to connect the dish to its price. However, some restaurants use those dots to invite a price comparison. Take the menu at the Parker Meridien Hotel in New York City. They list a THOUSAND dollar caviar frittata – and right above it, a $28 asparagus omelet. The omelet looks cheap by comparison – but it’s no value.

**If there are no dollar signs on the menu, you’re likely to care less about the prices.
When there’s a long description of how the dish is prepared, it diverts your attention away from the cost.

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