Monday, June 29, 2009

What a weekend.. of death and drama!

Well I was so sad to hear the news of Michael Jackson dying. Whether you liked him as a person, or not, you cannot deny he was a musical genius. He was HUGE to me when I was younger and I loved all his songs. Its sad to see the way his life turned out, but he was still such an amazing singer and dancer..

Farrah Fawcett was not as big to me, simply because she was kinda 'before' my time.. I didn't watch Charlies Angels, and didn't post her picture up of the Red bathing suit. I did watch "Farrah's Story" a couple of weeks ago, and It was so sad to see Cancer taking away her life. She was very strong to have documented all that..

Well I'm finally off the 'soup' diet. I lost 7lbs, so that was a nice little jump start..but I probably didn't help myself by eating calf-fries this weekend! Plus tomorrow we will be at Toby's, and I will probably have MORE calf-fries..but maybe I'll go for the catfish this time..

I had a great time at the farm this weekend. Payslee & Sawyer went to the groomer, and Miss Payslee looks like such a little angel baby! She is so pretty when she is groomed with her white flowing hair and golden eyes! Sawyer looks cute too, but I haven't uploaded his pictures yet, so I'll post them tomorrow.. Although Sawyer's hair is a little short, and he looks like a Lion head tzu.. They swam a little bit in the pool, but they really liked resting on the steps the best. They were tired all weekend because of Mom's baby, Izzy..They all 3 played and played.. My babes were WIPED OUT last night when they got home, and so was I. I'm only working through Wednesday this week though, because we are heading back out there to have some folks over for the 4th of July, and just have a little time off.. I can't wait!

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