Wednesday, October 14, 2009

I busted my buttocks..

Well it finally happened yesterday.. After 10 years of NO falling, I busted my butt in the middle of the road yesterday. I should have known better, because its not a great idea to skate on slippery roads, but I thought with my landrollers (since they are big, giant skates) that I would be okay..and I was until my skate slipped into a pothole and flailed me into the air..and onto my hind end.. All this while holding onto the three leashes of the Shih-tzus.. I'm sure they were secretly laughing inside..but they kept looking at me like "Are you just going to keep laying there or what?".. And I was laying there because my skates are a pain in the ___ to get up off of! Its not like you can just bounce back up on them.. (See Picture of them above).. So after rolling over on all 4's I was finally able to hoist myself back upright. Then we proceeded on our little skate..However, I was having trouble breathing because the fall had knocked the air out of me! Dang.. The dogs got some great exercise though! So we'll have to watch out for slippery spots and potholes next time!

In theory, the rain is moving out tomorrow..So it should be nice for our lunch date. We are taking Dr. Matthews office to lunch at JR's BBQ in Norman.. Then on Friday we will be broadcasting for the "My Town" tour at Braums, then off to the Bus Rodeo at the Coca Cola Events Center.. Then to the Tim McGraw listening party at Outback..busy busy busy!

I wasn't sad that Chuck went home last night on Dancing with the Stars. I didn't really know him since I don't watch the Ultimate Fighting Championships.. Tonight is good TV night..If you haven't watched "Modern Family" and "Cougar Town" set your DVR..they are HILARIOUS!! I love them.. I'll start a new Church class next WED, but we are off tonight for fall break.. Here is a picture of Rally after putting his face in a dirt pile..



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