Tuesday, October 27, 2009


Hi! Well yesterday I took Payslee to a therapy visit in Norman at an assisted living center. There were not many people there participating, but she still had fun. We went with 2 other of our therapy team members, Sunny, and Honey, and all the dogs did a great job. We visited with a few of the folks that were there, and Pays did some tricks for them. But I tell you, I HATE driving to Norman between 4 and 7:00.. The traffic is just a nightmare!

I think I've about got my Halloween costume figured out. I have to rent part of it, but I'll do that on Friday. I don't get to go to the Easton Corbin Costume Lunch Party at Toby's on Friday.. I'll be at the Bob Howard Remote, so you guys come up with some great costumes, and take pics! By the way, there is something new at www.kkng.com Its called Kingarazzi.. And if you see us out in public, or someone famous, like Garth, or whoever, take the pics, send them to me kc.s@tylermedia.com and then we'll post them in the Kingarrazi section! Here's more info: King Paparazzi!

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