Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Balloon Time!

Why you should always make a Schedule:
Well I'm headed to Albuquerque for Balloon Fiesta today! It should be a fun trip, but I will miss the dog Biscuits! They are going to visit and play with their friends at Camp Bow Wow in Edmond. I've already told them 23 million things to watch for..I'm so ridiculous about them! I just love their little bodies! I'm going to take all their comforts from home so they won't be sad. Sawyer will think its the greatest day of his life! He loves playing!

I got Payslee's Halloween Costume, and decided to do a little 'trial run' of how cute she would be in it.. and Yup, she makes an Awesome little Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz! Still not sure what Sawyer's going to be this year, or more importantly, what I'M going to be this year. I try to hit several parties dressed as something different, and I know I'm going to for sure be a SHAKE thanks to the folks at .. Speaking of, remember if you go to their Website and place an order..Enter the promo Code KKNG09, and they will hook you up with 10% off AND free shipping! So if you haven't ordered your costume yet, there's the place to do it!

Today Chris Young was with us on the air today..He's so good! He stopped by the studio a few months ago, here's a little bit of that:

I also uploaded the interview to the KINGPOD, so if you missed anything from this week, it will all be there!

Well you all fun, I'll try to update from New Mexico!

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