Wednesday, October 28, 2009

What.. Red cedars? I hate you.

I am having a fight with the Red Cedars again..My allergies started off this morning and they were just awful. I think they have finally settled down a little bit.. This picture on the side is Payslee with her favorite ball.. She likes to carry it around, but the funny thing is that it takes up her whole face!
I still haven't got my TV fixed yet..but hoping to do so on Friday. I've got a ton of stuff going on Friday..My Remote from 11-1 at Bob Howard, and then I've got to get stuff ready for a Halloween party I'm going to on Saturday.. that includes picking up the last minute things for my costume, which is going to be magical. I'm sad that I'm going to miss the Eason Corbin show at Tobys..But I hope everyone will still dress up and partake in the Costume Contest! I love Halloween! Its one of my absolute favorite Holidays..I didn't get to carve pupmkins this year, but I did see this one and thought it was hilarious!Thats a pretty creative idea!!

Yesterday we took a nice stroll around the neighborhood..It was a nice day yesterday..Little Windy, but lots of sunshine. When I got home I made the dogs pose for a "Family Picture"..Here's what that ended up looking like.. Usually Rally won't take pictures, but he was tired and just went along with the whole plan..

I wasn't sad that Melissa Joan Hart and that Louie guy went home last night..I didn't think they did that great on Dancing.. Tonight is my new favorite show, Modern Family, so I'm excited to watch that!! Even if..I have to watch it in my bedroom because I have no TV in the living room! Blargh!

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