Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Tuesday for weirdness

Everyone has the dang Swine Flu, or some sort of respitory infection.. Are you noticing this? I hate it when people around me get sick, because then I start imagining that I AM sick..even if I have NO symptoms..I just will wake up in the night thinking that I'm coming down with something.. Like this morning, my stomach is all blarghish.. So I'm drinking a Sprite and hoping for the best.

I uploaded the video of Mom's balloon ride yesterday, but for some reason it didn't show up, so I'm going to check it when I get home (different PC, so I can't do it from here) and see what the problem is.. It shows her going through the Rio Grand river, and doing the "Splash & Dash" and I also video'd her Champagne ceremony..I'll keep posting new stuff throughout the week.
I've really been surprised of how many Oklahoma folks go to the Balloonfiesta. Several folks have called up in the past few days to tell me that they also went to New Mexico. WE are for sure going to make it an annual trip!
I will admit that when I went to pick up my dog babes at CAMP BOW WOW I was a little disappointed.. Rally went up to TWO other people before he came to me!! Then Sawyer was looking at me like, "Mom, I guess I'll go with you, but I'd rather stay here with my friends".. At least my little Payslee girl was happy to see me.. She came running out like a wild person and was dancing around all happy to see me.. AFter I put the boys in the car they warmed up..and they slept good being back in their own beds. They seem to be adjusting, although I seriously think that Sawyer would rather just go to Camp Bow Wow and play every day..Here's a video of the "Glowdeo"..

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