Monday, October 26, 2009

Happy Monday with Gilles

So Last night I was watching Brothers & Sisters (IN my bedroom, because my big screen is still not fixed, so I'm banished to the bedroom) and Gilles Marini was on there.. For those of you who don't know him, he's the guy who did the Naked Shower scene in the Sex & The City movie..and He was also the hot Frenchman on Dancing with the Stars last season..And if you still don't know, here's a picture of him. I was just sitting there while watching thinking to myself, "I NEED THIS MAN".. Now before you go calling me shallow and superficial.. I really just loved how sweet he was being on the show! All nice to the whole family, cooking french meals, giving dancing lessons to the family, and kissing Sarah (girl on the show) so sweetly...And yes, I did enjoy the pool scene where he was delicious getting out of the pool.. So I won't deny that..But I'm serious.. I need a sweet man, who likes my family, loves my dogs, knows how to kiss, and is kind..I would be willing to overlook the lack of a hot french accent, dancing lessons, and a 20 pack of abs in return for the things listed above.. So thats my goal.. And yes, I know my friends will read this and say that I do NOTHING in order to find a man..Yes, you are also right (BRANDON) so maybe now that I have some Gilles inspiration I will be motivated to do it! If not, I'll probably just keep crying about it, so bear with me..

We had a fun weekend. Saturday we hosted the Rodeo Opry, and When I say "WE" I mean Bill, Me, and Payslee & Sawyer.. It was Sawyer's first time since he was little, and he was a little Hamlet.. He kept running on stage and sitting there while People clapped for him. Then I would have to pull him off, because he kept wanting to stay out there with the people on stage..He's a stage hound.. Payslee was scared of the drums, so she didn't love it as much as Sawyer..Then Sawyer quickly realized how to use his cuteness to get treats, so at Intermission he went around underneath people's chairs and would pop up like, "Hello, might I have some of your root beer float?".. and yes, they gave it to he loved that. Payslee was dressed up as "Dorothy"..
Today I'm taking Payslee on a therapy visit to a nursing home in Norman. She will be wearing her Pumpkin Dress so they can all give her hugs and pets.
Other than that, I didn't do much this weekend.. I'm going to hopefully get the bulb to my big-screen this week and fix my TV up.. I kept misplacing my phone and logging onto facebook chat and having people call me to find it.. Ridiculous..
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