Friday, March 6, 2015

Two Lanes of Freedom

I think its pretty safe to assume by now that everyone is sick of Winter.. I was thinking it was extra terrible this year.. then I read my blog last year where I was also crying about it.. so I think the theme is by this time of year, we all get sick of Winter..

Londyn has now had two appointments with her therapist.. so far it consists of Londyn running from  her. lol Londyn is very independent and her favorite thing in life is exploring.. So it is very hard to convince her to stay in one place very long.. She was not much fun at Christmas opening presents because she just ran off! But.. the nice thing is the therapist is very patient and just follows her around. Right now we are working with her asking for things. She's never really had to do that because if Cross asked for a snack..we just automatically gave Londyn one.. Or if Cross wanted a banana, we just gave Londyn the other half.. Plus Londyn is just not a demanding child.. Cross is.. So when she wants something we just give one to LL figuring she will want one eventually anyway.. lol

We'll see how it goes. I'm not too worried about it..She is a super happy girl that loves to explore, play in her sand, and drink her smoothies, so life is good. Being that we have had such crummy weather we have been looking for fun things to do with them.. So we went to the Science Museum last Sunday and had a great time! Londyn loved just running all over the place and they have a nice, enclosed place for the younger kids to play safely.. They both loved the tumbling mats.. Except for Cross thought she was 10 and could tumble with the 10 year olds.. So I had to move her to keep them from smashing her.. But You couldn't convince her that she couldn't 'flip' like they were flipping.. Its a fun place to take Toddlers..and while they are 2 and  under, they get in free.. which is good because for adults its like $15, and we don't get to have that much fun, lol

Mom came up yesterday and stayed the night..then she took the girls to the farm this weekend.. Dad will probably come and get LL tomorrow morning to play with him and Grammy J in Sentinel.. They had Cross last time, so now its LL's turn.. I think its important for them to spend time apart and get to enjoy some 1 on 1 with their grandparents.. plus watching ONE of them is so much easier than BOTH of them.. Other Twin parents tell me that once they turn like 3 or 4 it is much easier than having just one because they will play and entertain each other.. I hope that is true..because right now its just trying to keep them from fighting each other.. Cross wants to play with LL..but LL wants no part of it..

Cross has been getting in trouble this week for being mean to Londyn by pushing her, and taking all her stuff.. and for being mean to the dogs. She LOVES the dogs.. LOVES them.. but has no concept of why she can't chase them.. squeeze them.. or swat them with her broom.. so we have been learning hard lessons this week. Hopefully that will be short lived. Cross has such a kind spirit for animals that I don't think it will take too long..

We aren't looking forward to the so called "Terrible Two's".. Several of the folks in our small group have 2 year olds and it sounds frightening so far.. No one wants to have 'that kid' that bites.. spits.. or hits other kids.. So hopefully they will learn that those things are not acceptable..

I was looking back at my Timehop from a year ago and its been a year since the girls  had their Church Dedication, and since Leslie (nanny) started with us.. What a difference a year makes.. Its been a great one though. So thankful for all the people in our lives that love the girls..and so Thankful for our new small group at church.. We are all so excited to watch our kiddos' grow up together.. What a cool blessing.

I have to say, and this is going to sound pretty sappy for me, since I'm NOT a high-feeler.. Watching the world turn through the eyes of a child has been pretty incredible..

 Everyday Cross finds something new and exciting..and its as small as opening up her play dough container.. she will say "Ohh!!" like its the most exciting thing.. Watching Londyn trek through the snow and smash it with her boots..taking in every step that she takes and listening to the sound it makes.. Seeing the shock on Cross's face when I tell her that Payslee does NOT like to be swept with the broom.. Laughing at Londyn who sings herself to sleep each night with the prettiest little voice.. Giggling at Cross when she says "byyyyeeeee" in a southern Accent when I leave.. or "Oh No!" when something drops on the floor.. The innocence in their faces and the joy is just so awesome to watch..

Here's some things I've learned from my Toddlers

1) Be Careful who you trust-- Cross is very picky when it comes to people she loves.. but when she loves them, she loves them with all her heart. She's scared of strangers, but she warms up pretty quickly once they prove they are 'good' to her..

2) Appreciate the Details-- Londyn loves to examine the tiniest details on things.. the way things work. Sometimes we overlook the details because we are in such a rush to get to the next big thing. She will study magazines, her books and her blocks to see how they are made.. the way the work, and whats inside. She can't be rushed when she is reading her books.

3) Appreciate Surprises-- Some people hate surprises because they like to be in control of what happens next. When you surprise toddlers with something new, or show them a new trick, or even jump out from behind the chair.. its seriously the best thing in their world.

4) Mom's Make Everything Better-- I've always known this about my mom, and I hope my girls always feel that way about me. Cross is going through a phase (its been a LONG phase, lol) where she wants all my attention, all my hugs, and all my playtime. Being that she has a twin, I can't do this all the time, but I always make time for her, even if that means stopping what I'm doing just to pick her up and carry her for awhile. I know she won't always want to be around me every second.. I grew up having the mom everyone loved, wanted to be around, and i was always so proud she was mine. Thats what I strive for. My Mom and My Grandma were the best examples of how to be a good Mama. I'm so fortunate to have both of them.

5) Outside is a beautiful thing--I spend all day indoors, but I've always loved being outside, and so do my girls. They love going to the farm to explore new things.. They love sunshine on their face.. They have no concept of why they can't go outside when its 15..all they want to do is go outside and enjoy that freedom. They don't even need a reason to go outside.. they just want to be out there in God's Canvas..

6) Never overlook an opportunity for an adventure--I let Crosslee walk around the block in the falling snow.. because she thought it was awesome. I can guarantee you that I would NOT have done that had she not kept walking, but she did...and we both had an awesome adventure making tracks in the falling snow, tasting it on our lips, and dancing in other people's yards!

7) Love Your Spouse--My girls are so happy when we are all sitting around the dinner table, or at a resturant. Cross loves to do a "roll call" of who's there.. "Da Mome! (me) "Dae!" (daddy) "EES" (sissy) JA! (the owl) and she smiles so big once she checks off the fact that everyone is sitting there.. Londyn loves it before bedtime when we are all sitting and reading books. They both KNOW we are present, we are there, and we always will be. MJ hugs me the second he gets home at night and gives me a kiss.. I love that they see how much we love each other, and I love how much he loves them, and sees how much I love them.

8) Enjoy your food-- It takes Londyn LITERALLY an hour to eat.. Why? Because she savors each piece. She cracks me up because she smashes the food into her mouth.. but then chews and chews it.. She picks up each piece, looks at it, and then eats it. She loves biscuits.. and she will pick off each piece and enjoys it. Her face lights up when I bring out fruit.. she literally cheers. I've always been in such a hurry when I'm eating that I forget to enjoy the food sometimes, but Londyn is a true example of enjoying her food!

9) Its good to feel pretty-- When I get the girls ready for church I will say "Go Show Daddy how cute you are" and they run into the living room and he picks them up and tells them how pretty they are.. We all like to feel pretty..and like to be told we are pretty.. With all the pressure these days to be 'perfect'.. sometimes we forget to feel pretty with what we have, even if its not perfect.. I'm healthy, I'm able, and I have great eyelashes.. I'm celebrating that.
10) Its Ok to cry when something, or someone hurts you-- I suck at this. I'm not a cryer. I'm not very emotional.. but sometimes I should be.. People assume that because I'm not eat up with feelings that its ok to hurt mine.. Or to speak to me a certain way.. Well even though I'm not a high-feeler that doesn't put up with a lot of crap... it doesn't give people the right to talk to me ugly, or say things that hurt my feelings.. Toddlers are all about instant gratification.. If something happens they don't like, they cry. I sometimes wonder if I could get away with more if I just started kicking, screaming and falling out when I didn't like something someone said or did.. lol.. That would be SO great.

So even though they are little ego maniacs that seem to have some sort of a death wish.. we could all stop and learn a lot from our Toddlers.. The most important being God's Grace. Don't you know he looks down and watches us make the same mistakes every. single. day.. Just like we do with our kids.. but he never quits loving us.. He never quits believing in us.. and he never gives up on us. His  Grace, his love, and his compassion over rides every single stupid thing we do. His love is unconditional, just like my love is for the girls.. Even when they test my patience, test my boundaries, and test my intelligence.. they never test my love.. Just like the love of Our Father, its never ending..

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