Monday, January 25, 2016

Who's Bad?

For those of you that have followed my blogging about the girls.. You might remember at the young age of 2 months old, My sweet Crosslee had kinda turned into a jerk.. She would go into these fits of crying rage and we had no idea how to soothe her.. Until I figured out her trigger.. Michael Jackson Music. I remember sitting in Sunday School class, and getting the dreaded text from the nursery: "Please come to room 234 in the nursery".. which mean "Your child is hollering and we don't know what to do with her"... So I would go.. I would get her, and take her to a quiet room in the church and play "Blame it on the boogie" and all was well in the world.. This is one of the first signs that I knew that this was MY blood in her veins.. lol. Watch in this video.. At first I'm playing "Happy".. which only makes her sad.. Watch her little face as she hears the first "Wooo!" from Michael..

Now her love from him has grown into a fascination.. She watches the "This is It" and thinks that every fedora, or sequin jacket, or sequin anything really is a "Michael Jackson' Outfit.. When she puts on anything sequin, or shiny.. she will run up to people and says "look.. its my Jackson bow.. or my Jackson pants.. or my Jackson jacket".. People find her bizarre.. and I can't say that I blame them.. lol.. She's been wanting to wear the same Silver sequin pants for the past week.. she digs them out of the dirty clothes.. She also loves this jacket.. I might have setup a photo shoot..

Well I can't say that I have done anything to deny her fascination either.. I mean Gigi & I have bought her sequin pants.. (Although we aren't the ones that named them Jackson, she did that on her own).. So Now I've decided to just embrace it.. Because Londyn loves him too.. We have been having dance parties to Smooth Criminal and Blame it on the Boogie.. those are the 2 favorites.. They both LOVE Smooth Criminal..and when they hear it, they immediately start running around like crazy people dancing.. They also love the Michael Jackson Dance Experience on the Wii.. They really only like the Smooth Criminal Song on that one.. but they will watch "Bad" and "Billie Jean"..

As you can see.. She loves this.. She's like this every time it comes on.. and she will say "Mommy Dance!".. So.. I feel like if its something she is this excited about.. why not embrace it.. So without further adeau, I'm here to announce the "THIS IS IT--Crosslee & Londyn Birthday Bash"..  Yes ladies and gents, we are throwing a Michael Jackson birthday party.. Complete with "King of POP-Corn".. Thriller Water.. PYT (Pretty yummy Treats).. It goes on and on.. MJ is already frightened.. But I'm already seeing VIP Passes, Red Carpet, and Sequins dancing in my head. I've already ordered the sequin gloves..and sequin Socks.. and I'm on the lookout for the perfect birthday outfit. 

Will it be ridiculous? Over the top? Too much? Gawdy? Oh yes.. You better believe it! Keep in mind, this isn't until the end of May.. but I'm a planner.. and these events don't just create themselves.. So.. stay tuned.. All I can do at this point is Blame it on the Boogie... 

...............See what I did there.. You're welcome. 

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