Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Wonderful World of Easter Horses!

We have been having a pretty great time lately.. The girls had a BIG weekend last weekend.. Gigi got them tickets to Sesame Street Live, front row.. with Meet & Greets to see the creatures up close and personal.. We were not exactly sure how well this was going to go over.. because so far the girls hated Santa.. but Loved the Giant Snowman and Reindeer at church.. So it was 50/50.. Well they sortof.. liked them.. they really liked them from afar.. and they liked Hi-fiving them.. but not sitting with them...We stayed until intermission, and I think that was long enough.. Because even I wasn't sure how much more of the singing and dancing I wanted either.. So I was proud of them. They did a great job..

Up next.. The Church Easter Hunt! Our Sunday School Class had a pot-luck lunch at the church and we brought all the kiddos to hunt eggs. It was a lot of fun! They were not very "hidden" for my girls age, so they all just ran their little bodies out into the field and grabbed them up! We also Dyed eggs for the first time this year and they loved that.. Although Cross wanted to let hers Marinate a LONG time before she took them out.. Dying Easter Eggs was always one of my favorite things to do with My Grandma Leona when I was little.. and seeing that weird little metal spoon you use to scoop them, and smelling Vinegar made me happy to remember that.

We also went to OYE last weekend with the girls.. the Oklahoma Youth Expo.. We had some cattle that we had raised that were showing, so we took the girls to the fairgrounds.. Yes, I put them in White shirts. Judge away.. it was St. Patrick's day shirts.. Yes, they are ruined.. but Yes, they were cheap. It will be ok, lol.. They were also wearing Tutu's, which the cattle don't LOVE, but hey.. it was really cute with their St. Pattys' shirts.. So cute in fact that a boutique owner asked to take a picture with them.. This was of course after she asked me if they were 'sweet friends' or 'cousins'.. No, they are twins.. WHAT!!!! Ok.. yes.. I know, I know.. Crazy.. ok.. So they had a great time seeing the Mini Herefords, and all the other cattle.. Cille just loves walking with her Pa, and Cross loves everything.

Then.. after the Egg hunt on Saturday mom wanted to take the girls back to the farm since they hadn't been out there in awhile.. And Much to our surprise, Woody, their Mini Horse arrived! We have been waiting on Woody for awhile. He was living with some other little kids, and now he lives at the farm! He is Super cute, and very sweet. The girls loved him. Cille got on him first.. Then Cross..

As you can see.. they are pretty excited about Woody.. they also Love their Donkey Kris.. We are so blessed that they get to have fun on the farm. I love the fact that they love to be outside, and are not cooped up in the house all the time..but they can run and be free.. Living in town makes that harder now days.. When I was younger I could ride my bike to my friends house in Hobart all day and have a blast.. and he never had to worry about me.. or go and visit the Elderly people in the Neighborhood (Yes, I always did this.. I'm a weird kid) and spend my days doing that.. But we have to be so much more careful now.. People are evil, and we can't just let our kiddos run free anymore.. If we want them to have physical activity, we have to take them TO those activities... That is why I'm so thankful for small towns, and farm living. 

In other news MJ & I are doing good. We went to Aubrey McClendon's funeral and it was really sad. I know most people don't understand that fascination with him, or why so many people loved him, but his Son, Jack, really summed it up best.. "Those who knew him Loved him, and those who didn't love him, Didn't know him".. I've really been disappointed in seeing some of my former Oil and Gas co-workers, act so cruel and negative about Aubrey.. its really disappointing, knowing that most of the people who were doing it, got to work at Chesapeake, and enjoyed all the Many great things Aubrey did for that campus.. You would think people would learn to be grateful, But I guess some people just always choose to be negative over being positive.. Sad deal. If you can't look around the City and see what an Impact he has had on the community, you aren't looking very hard.. 

But other than that.. The girls are getting so big! Talking up a storm.. They both say "Thank you Sir".. when people do something for them.. And they both love Thomas the Train, and The Hulk.. Cross loved the Hulk first, and now Londyn likes him. We have learned that you must buy everything in 2's, and it has to be the same thing.. Welcome to Twinning.. Sharing with each other is short lived, but hugs are longer now, and they really seem to enjoy each other at this stage. They are excited about the Michael Jackson birthday party! We got into Crossings Mothers day Out, which we are SUPER excited about!! They will start that in the Fall on Tuesday/Thursday.. Its VERY hard to get in there (I logged on at midnight to sign up) so we are so so excited the girls got in there.. Now they will get to see their same Teachers and go to their classes.. It will be awesome! 

Cross still loves all sequins and all "Jackson" type clothes.. Londyn loves wearing her cape and mask and 'flying' around.. They both love playing trains and playing outside, and coloring on the sidewalks.. I can't believe they are almost 3! This is going to be an awesome week at Crossings.. I had bible study last night, Thursday is Maundy Thursday in which Terry Feix tells the Communion Story, Friday is Good Friday (That service is so so moving) and then on Saturday we are all going to Easter Service. If you are looking for a church to visit, Please Join us. You will not be disappointed! Plenty of services to choose from! Hope to see you there! 
Crossings Church-- 14600 N Portland Ave

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