Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Zoo Fun, and playing Catch-up

Sorry..I'm behind here.. I'll try to catch everybody up..

Ok, so after the girls had their big birthday party we thought it would be fun to take them on their first Zoo visit.. It was a perfect day, cloudy and overcast..So not too terribly Hot.. which is good because MJ hates the heat.. So it was really nice.. They liked the Birds the best.. especially the Peacocks, because they were loud and came right up to them.

They also enjoyed petting the goats, and the little donkey's.. And looking at the Giraffe's.. We stayed about 3 hours, and they were sleepy, so we went home after that..but it was a great first visit! Can't wait to go back again!

(Cross saying "Here" and "Thank you" in her Play-land)

We have been busy the past few weeks. Gigi & Papa kept the girls 2 weekends ago for the WHOLE weekend.. Jordan & I had a TON of stuff to do.. mainly cleaning, and its pretty much impossible to clean with two mobile toddlers.. Cross is full on walking everywhere now, and LL is a fast crawler! So the whole weekend we cleaned and got everything done..

We built the girls an outside play land.. I wanted them to have some place to go outside during the day, that was shaded, with a pool and fun stuff.. Stuff they could do with Leslie.. so We built them a big outside area. Its 16x12.. We put a crab pool, a ball pit, their playhouse, their kitchen, some birthday toys, their water table, and a couple of chairs in there.. Then last weekend I also built them a sensory board and hung it up on the wall.. I made it out of random things.. It was cheap.. I had the leftover turquoise glitter paint from their nursery.. So I used that. I had the leftover L & C from their birthday party, so I glued that on.. Then we got samples from Home depot of different types of carpet, and textures.. Got them some locks and gadgets and glued those on.. They don't care that much about it yet..but I think they will in the next few months..

The girls had a big time at Gigi and Papa's.. Steve had a retired show heifer out there named Lulu and the girls loved her.. They also met their new Donkey, Kris.. Cross also found a turtle.. she tried to Kiss him, but we told her that was not a good idea..

They are at SUCH a fun age.. Cross is talking and babbling constantly.. LL loves seeing things and saying "OOOO!" She gets so excited she growls.. They are so full of joy, and everything is a new adventure..its so much fun.

It does make it a little harder to corral them.. We went & Met GT & Nana at Cafe 501 the other night for dinner, and after the girls eat.. all they want to do is crawl around and be wild.. Cross wanted to follow the waiter all over the place and help him take orders.. So we have about a 30 minute window to eat now, lol.. But they love going out.. They say "Hi" to everyone they see, and they love people to talk to them.. Complete strangers come up to us wherever we are at to tell us how pretty they are, and play with them..

At Sams last week I was watching LL in the basket, and she started to smile really big.. Well I looked behind me and a woman and a man were doing Peek-A-Boo with her.. in the store.. making fools of themselves.. Which I truly appreciated.. lol

When we take them to church, they love to sit by the elevators and wait for people to walk by so they can visit with them.. They give big cheesy smiles to suck people in, and then entertain them by saying "Hi" and smiling non stop.. And they are pretty cute..

This weekend we are going to the farm to have their 1 year pictures taken.. I'm excited. They are so photogenic that I think it will be fun. We are going to do it early in the morning, and also try to take a few pictures with them..

The girls had their 1 year checkup on the 13th. They did really good.. LL weighs 22lbs, Cross is 24, and they are both 30" long. They each got 3 shots, and that hurt their feelings, but they got over it pretty quickly..

(My mom got these ponies when I was pregnant.. now they can finally ride them!) 

They made it a year before they ever even went to the dr for anything other than a checkup.. but last week when I got home from work, LL had thrown up her lunch, and she kept getting sick.. Apparently they caught a virus.. Which made me sick, because I had forgotten to Oil them! Up until that point, I had been oiling them with essential oils every day.. (I use On Guard from Doterra, and Thieves from Young living).. So I feel like if I had been oiling them we could have avoided it.. thankfully it was short lived. LL was better by the time she went to bed, but Cross woke up at 11:30 with it, and was sick most of the night. I brought her to bed with us, and she got better around 4am, woke up jolly and good at 6am.. Then I got it the next day.. then Jordan the next day.. blargh.. It was short-lived, but it sucked.. We are now oiling religiously to avoid those types of things in the future.. I know sickness builds their immune systems, but it sucks! Just glad they are ok now.. it just had to work its way out of their system.

Thats about it.. I think you are caught up.. I know, I know.. I'm still not podcasting.. but I will.. Oh, and if you want any baby stuff, I put a ton of the girls cute stuff up on FB.. You can look at it here..  I've got to get rid of stuff, so I can get new stuff of course!! MJ & I are doing really good in our jobs.. We love our church familly so much, and have been really enjoying that part of our lives.. We count our blessings every day for all the wonderful people around us and our precious family!

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