Friday, July 11, 2014

Farming Fun

We  have had a great couple of weeks.. We went back west to have the girls 1yr pictures taken.. They aren't ready yet, but I'll post what they look like when we get them back. The girls were being kinda crabby, but I think we still got some pretty cute shots. We put them in their angel wings, which is what they also took their Newborn pics in.. My how things have changed in a year! Its still so bizarre to me to think that I made two little people! And thats what they are like right now.. Little people.. So much fun to watch them. Crosslee is into everything. I looked over yesterday and she had taken her diaper box and was STANDING on top of it with her arms above her head like she had just climbed a mountain!! She is a handful..

We also took them to the outlook mall last weekend which was fun.. they love going places.. Until I let Cross get out of the stroller.. then she just wanted to walk up to every person, in every store and say "HI".. she did NOT want to get back in that stroller..she had too many things to do and see! She's very friendly and loves to go up to people and say "Hi" or "Hey" to them.. of course most people think this is cute and say Hi, or Hey back to her.. So it works.. Londyn Lucille is still doing her 'charming' face.. She does this when you say "Londyn are you charming?" she tilts her head to the side.. Its super sweet. She's also started speaking a weird language in which she makes clicking sounds and speaking in what sounds like German.. Its pretty awesome.. She's crawling everywhere.. and cruising on everything.. but not walking just yet. She's taken a few steps, and if you will walk WITH her, she's all about it.. but not walking on her own just yet. But she gets around just fine, she's just not in a hurry..

 Cross has also become crazily attached to her Creepy Owl we call "J.O" (Judgement Owl) because he has beady eyes and looks like he is judging people.. Well he is a Scentsy Owl and we noticed she was becoming pretty attached to him.. like she did not want to go to Bed without JO, and now she wants to bring him out of her bed.. and Carry him around. We have told her he is Nocturnal and that he doesn't want to do that.. but she doesn't care. She still cries to bring him outside her bed and fly him around.. I can't be mad at her for this.. Because I still have to have my blanket (Softy) to go to bed.. #sosueme. So we will see.. I would like to transition her onto a blanket or something because what if something happens to that Owl? Well.. We have a backup.. We have another owl just like him that we got in case that happened.. However, then the owl got discontinued and now we can't get any more.. so there you go. So maybe if I could talk her into a least that would last a little longer.. not sure what we will do about this situation.

 We had a great 4th of July..We went to my Dad's house in Sentinel for the Parade.. (which is about 10 minutes long and consists of a lot of people throwing Candy) So it was fun. Crosslee liked watching it.. LL was out. They blew a loud horn at the beginning of it, and she did NOT like that.. So she just sat with Grammy and watched.. After the Parade we all went to the Park for the festivities.. They do a "Mr. Muscle" and "Miss Tiny Tot" for 3yr olds and above.. It was really cute.. Then they have food and music. The girls had an amazing time because they treated everyone there like a buffet line.. they ate.. and ate.. and ate.. and snacked.. lol.. It was hilarious. Whatever anyone was eating, they were eating.. they were little vultures. But they had a great time. We didn't do any fireworks.. for 1) the dogs would have flipped out.. and 2) the Girls would not have liked the noise.. Plus they still go to bed around 7:00.. so it was still light outside anyway.. 

They did go swimming and had fun doing that.. and ate fresh Nectarines off Gigi's tree. They loved them.. and ate like 15.. They are really good eaters. I hope they stay this way, because I hear other people talking about how their kids won't eat meat, or won't eat veggies.. Both my girls love both of those things! I sauteed spinach for them the other night and they loved it! They had fried squash at the farm and loved it.. they love baked squash! I mean they are really great, so I hope it stays like that.. I swear it was Baby Led Weaning.. Because that got them excited about food, and textures and new things, and now they are willing to try new things all the time.

So A woman came up to the girls and I in Sams the other day and told us that if you wrap your bananas in a plastic bag it will keep them from going bad as quickly.. I'm going to try it.. but I have realized that people will use whatever means necessary to talk to the girls, lol.. It gets bizarre, but I appreciate the kindness, and the fact that everyone wants to talk to them.. They are finally getting some hair.. LL's is blonde curls, and Cross's is a little bit darker, its super cute.

On a sad note.. All my knockout roses are diseased with Witches Broom.. (Read about it HERE) and as a result I'm going to have to dig them up, bag them, and burn them.. because apparently the only way you can get rid of the disease is by doing that.. otherwise it will spread all over the world and kill all the other knockout rose bushes.. Yes, this sounds a bit dramatic, but read for yourself.. Its sad.. and so far, no one has found anything that cures or stops it.. So I guess I'll be doing that soon. Blargh.

We are going to a cookout this weekend at MJ's dad's house. The girls will be excited to see them, and eat of course.. We love watching people love our girls.. the relationship they have with their grandparents makes me so happy. MJ had a very special relationship with his grandpa, and my Grandma Leona was my hero.. Every time I say "Londyn Lucille" it makes me think about how happy she is in Heaven looking down and seeing our sweet girls. For those of you who don't know, Cross's middle name is Shelton after MJ's grandpa, and Londyn is named after my grandma, Leona Lucille.. We both talk about how much they would love seeing them right now and it brings a smile to our face. So watching them form their own relationships with their grandparents warms
our hearts. There's seriously nothing better than watching people love your kids.. (oh, and love your dogs too)..

Speaking of Dogs.. Banks is doing awesome at our house. I have given up on trying to get the dogs to stop feeding the dogs food.. Cross will carry a piece for her, than a piece for Payslee and they share it.. (sigh)... They LOVE their dogs. Banks is so sweet and gentle with them. They fall on her, squeeze her, etc.. And Payslee loves being a good nanny to the girls.. following them around, licking their faces and resting by them.. Sawyer is indifferent, lol But he still cries when they cry which is BEYOND annoying.. please let him, or them grow out of this soon!! Crosslee is also obsessed with Papa's cows.. Thankfully for her, so is Banks.. so they like to go out and visit them together..

Can I just say how much I do not want to ever diet, and or exercise.. I really wish they made a food, or a pill called 'Make me wanna eat healthy and exercise'.. because I am just NOT into it.. I mean really. I'm sitting here now thinking about having to walk up two flights of stairs and wanting to spit. I mean thats how bad I dread it. I'm going to have to get on board though because chasing around Cross every day is TIRING and I have to be able to keep up with her!

As always, super Thankful to My God who is good to me every single day, MJ & I's families, our friends, and our Church. We are surrounded by people who always look out for us, pray for us, and help us. #soblessed #trulygreatful #drinkingfrommysaucer

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