Wednesday, July 30, 2014

They Suck your Pretty...

Sorry about the title of this blog, but its true.. I remember a few years ago listening to a female radio personality say "Man, sometimes I wish I had had a baby boy, because baby girls suck away all your pretty".. and I can tell you that I now TRULY feel like this.. Times TWO. #Nofair.

(This is what my hair "USED" to be like) 
Before the babies were born I was pretty confident about 3 Features.. My Eyelashes, My Hair, and My Boobs.. Well I can tell you this.. My eyelashes are still hanging in, but everything else... She gone! What the hell has happened to my hair? I don't know.. but its depressing and sad.. For those of you who have not lived through the magic of pregnancy and child birth.. here's how it goes.. When you are pregnant you have hormones flowing out the wazoo.. so your hair grows and grows.. Well guess what? When the baby comes out.. so does all your hair.. Not all at once.. but slowly as you brush it, you will see more and more and more just fall out.. And at that time you are thinking, "No big woop, I grew so much more when I was preggie, surely it will all even out".. No. Not for me anyway. My hair looks like a big pile of lifeless blargh. Its quite disappointing.. Especially since I RARELY have time to fix my hair, when I do, I would like my hair to reward me with a little vavoom! A little Sasa! A Little Chabow!.. No.. It just lays like a dead carcass.. #fail

The other beauty of pregnancy is stretch marks and the fact that your body rebels on going back to 'normal' after you have the baby.. You will find that there is more junk in different trunks than you had before.. You are like "What? That was never there before".. or suddenly your face is shaped differently.. What? No clue on this. Thankfully I didn't gain weight in my face when I was pregnant.. but I am shocked by the fact at how your body rebels on going back to normal.. Even with diet and exercise I hear my former pregnant friends say "I'm running every day and My hips are still so wide!".. It doesn't make any sense to me..

Then there's the fact that you always 'feel' like you look tired.. Now some of us have people around us that will just say "Wow. Have you not slept for awhile?".. Well thats rude.. At this point I'm sleeping all night, because the girls are sleeping all night, and have been for awhile.. but here is the problem.. Your body hasn't forgiven you for NOT sleeping the previous year.. so it still makes your face look tired and sad. Dang. I think thats the biggest thing..Your body never forgives you for carrying twins.. or at least mine hasn't.. Maybe if I was in my 20's it would have.. Because my mom had me when she was 21, and she's still pretty.. and stayed Pretty.. but now for me, its like "Sorry Boucha.. you should have thought about that when you wanted to have babies"..

I guess its a pretty good payoff when you think about it though.. I mean seriously, I built two people.. and even though I'm pretty partial to them, I do think they are pretty beautiful children.. People are constantly telling me this.. and No, I don't think people would usually come up and say "Hey, your baby is sure ugly".. but people go out of their way to tell me they are cute.. so they must be. But.. I just feel like someone should tell you these things in case you were oblivious to it.. The Payoff is worth it.. My girls are hilarious and awesome..But you should know. Your body is probably not ever going to look the same.. and even if it does, you will probably still pee on yourself because your bladder has expanded.. So just keep these juicy nuggets of knowledge in mind.. The Good news is.. when I look at them smile, I know its all worth it, and I won't really care about the small things anymore.. because compared to them having a great life, being full of joy, smiling and laughing.. its all small things.

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