Sunday, November 2, 2014

Fall is All Up on Us!

We have had A Great couple of weeks enjoying all the fall activities going on around us. We have visited Pumpkinville at the Myriad's Botanical Gardens.. It was a lot of fun, but it was 89 the Saturday we were out there.. which is ridiculous for Late October! Only $3 to get in there.. But the girls like walking around, picking up gourds and climbing on stuff. They are at the stage now where just being free, running around, and climbing on and off things is like the best day ever. 

We Also went to TG farms in Newcastle. Its a BIG place, and its pretty pricey ($10 per person, even if you are a newborn) But its worth it.. a TON of stuff for kids to do. The girls went into the petting Zoo and hung out with the Goats. Cross would laugh when the goats jumped up on top of their shed. She thought that was hilarious. LL didn't like the goats as much. She liked going up and down the hay slide. They put a cattle ramp up to a slide where the girls could climb up the ramp and then slide down the slide. They LOVE all slides at this stage. Its hilarious.. they will go up and down it 324 times and not get tired! 

They also have pig races, a haybale maze, corn maze, a duck pond, and a TON of places to pose for Fall pictures. 
Cross loved the mini pumpkins. She took two of them and carried them around with her as she was walking. For some reason the pumpkins made her laugh with joy. 
Londyn really just liked walking around. She would go over a little bridge and liked to hear the sound of her shoes on top of it. Everything is a new sound and a new adventure. She liked going out on the deck and looking at the ducks in the duck pond. She also liked climbing on the haybales and sliding. 

We are going to go to another Pumpkin Patch this weekend with Mom & Steve. They are coming up to Trick or treat with the girls, so we are going to go to Parkhurst Pumpkin Patch in Arcadia. Everyone says its so much fun. I think Cross will want to ride a Pony there.. And LL will enjoy the Fort. She loves squeezing her little body into places. We always look up and she is hiding behind a chair or something funny like that. 
Everyone thinks Cross looks like me in this picture.. Well obviously, because she has huge, giant, sunglasses on.. lol. But you can tell she is obviously a fan of herself, and hey, I can't blame her for that. She is the happiest girl! After the Pumpkin Patch we went and met GT & Nana for awhile. The girls went upstairs in the Theatre Room and watched a GIANT version of Peppa Pig, so they thought that was fun! Then we all went to dinner. We chose Cracker Barrel and Cross fell in love with a giant Toad there.. I tried to put it back and she started to Cry, so GT got it for her, lol
She carried him all around that night.. and brings him to the living room to play each morning.

As you can see, she's still carrying that Owl.(JO).. yup, she loves loves him. We went to the farm a few weeks ago and forgot him and turned around and drove back to get him. Its THAT bad. If you put her in her bed without him she makes the saddest little cry.. Pretty much the same cry I would make if you put me to bed without my blanket.. lol.. So I can't judge her, because she gets it from me. She also has a freakish love for weird things. I have an old Wooden Indian Man that my dad gave me. I keep him on the porch of whatever house I live in because I swear he is a protector.. MJ is creeped out by him and insisted he live outside, because he was INSIDE the house.. I introduced Cross to him one day and she loved him.. Everyday now when she see's him outside, she goes up and gives him a hug, and pets him. 
See, its weird.. but she loves him. She also has befriended a Gargoyle named "Hans" in my bedroom. She goes to him and pets him everyday.. MJ just says "Man, she's so weird like you" Lol.. So I can't say much.. 

 We have been spending a LOT of time at the Church Playground these days. Its SO perfect for Toddlers. First, its gated, so they can't escape, and second they have a "little' playground that is perfect for Toddlers.. Its not too high off the ground and its hard for them to fall off of it. My girls LOVE it.. They climb and slide and run and crawl. We try to go there a couple of times a week.. after church and then before Small group on Wednesdays. They LOVE their time there.. We went last night and I was shocked at how they don't get tired! Cross just kept going and going up and down and down the slide and running.. Endless amounts of energy!
Last weekend we went to Cousin Joe's 2nd birthday in Weatherford at my Sister Lexi's house. The girls had a great time because we just let them run free in the backyard. They loved going up and down his slide..and there was a trampoline, so they loved that.. Then Lexi served Fajitas, so of course they were IN on that! They love Mexican food! It was all fun and games till Cousin Joe drew on Crosslee's face with a purple marker, lol.. You can tell by her face that she is shocked that this has just happened! 

We all had a great time. The girls got to see everyone and eat some birthday cake. They also loved coloring with giant crayons so we had to get them some of those when we got back. Life is so much fun for us right now. Each day is a new adventure with the girls, and if you have seen their pics, or been around them much, you know that they are just endless barrels of energy and SO much fun right now. Cross is saying all kinds of things now.. She is a little Parrot. LL is starting to stay more each day. Cross has learned how to jump. She doesn't get very far off the ground, but in her mind she is jumping to the sky! They are climbing into chairs now and sitting in 'big' seats.. They still love the farm and playing. They could stay outside all day. Leslie (The nanny) has finally just succumb to the fact that they want to stay outside ALL the time. So we just let them go out there and play. They like their backyard, and Banks and Payslee are good babysitters!

They both still love walking in the Cow Pasture.. and the Cows like them too. Its truly such a blessing to have so many fantastic places they can visit and enjoy. They have so many people that love them, and so many places to visit! They have a great life, and so do we.. So blessed!

We have been reading a book in our Small Group called "Changes that Heal" by Dr. Henry Cloud. Last night MJ and I taught the class, and it was really fun. Its a really good book about setting boundaries around toxic people. Its been an eye opening experience to read, but very helpful. MJ is also a part of a Mens Bible study that meets early on Wednesdays and he has really been enjoying that as well. WE just love our church!

I know I'm partial because they are mine.. but man, My girls are beautiful! Londyn looks like a living doll, and Crosslee's spirit matches her joyful face! So Thankful they are healthy and happy babies.. Now 17 months old!

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