Friday, November 14, 2014

I'm Mad at Garth & Oprah..

Well 2 big things happened in my life this week.. 1) I saw the latest December issue of the Oprah Magazine.. and of course it featured one of my favorite things.. HER favorite things! Now listen.. I've kinda been upset with Oprah since she left TV. I enjoyed that TV show. I looked FORWARD to it each day.. then she flies off and buys her own network and I still have a hard time finding that dang channel on Cable! But.. I've caught a few episodes of "Where are they Now" and "Oprahs's Life Class" and its made me forgive her.. BUT.. then she puts out Her favorite things, which makes me angry with her all over again!! .... Why? BECAUSE I CAN'T AFFORD 90% OF HER FAVORITE THINGS!.. Oprah needs to put out an edition of "My Cheapest Favorite things" and then it would be more realistic for me! I mean who can afford $700 GOLD Dr. Dre Beats? Come On Oprah.. Come on.. Here's the list if you want to see.. Oprah's Favorite Things 2014. 
I like to look at these things to get gift ideas.. but so far there is no one that is worth THAT much money on my Christmas list! lol.. Not that I wouldn't love to get them those things, I would.. but with twins, childcare, and a house payement.. just probably not happening. However, I mean these are some of the coolest things ever, but right now, my face is not worth $93 face cream.. dangit Oprah.. bring it down a notch, bring it down..Even a PEN.. a writing utensil.. is $36. I would feel terrible if I bought a $36 Pen and then Cross threw it out the window, or I lost it..  I can tell she's trying to throw us a bone with the Nate Berkus Plates from Target.. But how many of us really need little tiny plates that don't match any of our other dishes?? Then she will put stuff on there that I really want.. Like Comfy stuff, which for me at this point in my life MATTERS.. I want some delicious, soft PJ's, or Tee Shirts.. or fluffy house shoes.. But can I have those? Hell no. The PJ's are $155, The House shoes are $120  and the T-shirts are $214 for 3.. Or how about some yummy smelling Candles? $240 set.  I obviously need richer friends.. lol. Nail Polish is $144.. Oprah, I'm probably just going to go to CVS and get it for $5.. If I ever do get rich and famous, the first thing I'm going to do for Christmas is buy things for my peeps off Oprah's Favorite things! But anyway.. There's the list, so enjoy, wishful thinking right?!?!

Okay, the 2nd person I'm mad at is Garth Brooks.. I spent 14 years, or however long its been waiting for Garth to make his comeback.. Sure he's thrown us a bone with the "Scarecrow" album, and done a few shows in Vegas.. Ok. fine.. but we were all waiting for the Big comeback.. Well we got a special glimpse when he did Good Morning America and Sang "Mom".. it was so good.. he cried, they cried, I cried.. it was awesome and sweet.. and exactly what we expect from Garth. True feelings and emotion when he sings, connecting with his audience.. it was awesome.. So When Tuesday Hit (the day of the "Man against the Machine" release) I was ready.. I was going to go download the whole album.. Listen at work.. review on my way home.. I. Was. Ready. ... But then I remembered.. Wait.. Garth Hates Itunes, Pandora, Spotify, and anything like it.. So where in the heck do I even GO to GET his new music??..

Google to the rescue.. I google and realize that Garth has started his OWN music streaming service called Ghost Tunes.  You can go there, sign up for free, and download his new stuff.. BUT.. its not very easy to understand. Like if you buy it and download it, where does it go? Not to your Itunes apparently.. So Far the only way I have found to play the songs and listen is to go to the website and do it that way. It tells me I can download it, but I have no idea where it download.. The beauty of Itunes is the ease of it.. You click 'buy' and then its in your Itunes. Simple. This is NOT simple, and it really provides NO directions.. Plus the website, ATT, and apparently my Iphone are all janky and it only plays half the time I press play.. So its NOT ideal. Sure as a former radio person, I get the point of "Preserving the music" where people can't steal it, and artists get paid.. but you have to make the process easy or people won't mess with it. Thats why People are not buying CD's anymore.. so much easier to just click 'buy' and listen online and be done with it.. So while I understand what he is TRYING to do.. He's irritating the people who love him the most by not being able to easily get to his music.

Now I will say this, Ghost Tunes makes it where if you buy it once, its yours.. Unlike Itunes, you can burn it to a disc (if you ever figure out where to download it) as many times as you want and on as many devices as you want, and the money paid actually goes to the artists.. so those are both good things.. So many once he works the kinks out if it, it will be ok.. but right now its a pain. Taylor Swift has decided to do the same.. so we'll see how this all shakes out.

In other news with the twins, all is good. We had a great Halloween. We took the girls to Northpark Mall for Trick or Treating, then to Laura & Terry's House.. They had a great time. Cross was dressed up as her owl JO, and LL was a sweet Pink Monster. They didn't really get the concept of Trick or Treating.. but they did enjoy their first sucker! We had a great time! After Halloween on that Saturday Gigi & Papa came up and we took the girls to the Parkhurst Pumpkin Patch.. They had fun petting the goats and roaming around. This is a great time of year! Here's some pics..
 Don't get so excited for Trick or Treating Girls! Calm down!! 
 Still not that excited.. but also not upset about being in puffed Costumes. 
 Man, she was a really cute Owl. She liked wearing this and patting her puffy belly! 
 Handful of Monster and Owl! 

Daddies Pink Monster! 
 Sweet Church pics
 Following our favorite guy.. daddy! 

I was Marie Antoinette for work party.. Cross enjoyed this.. 

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