Monday, December 15, 2014

The Sounds of Christmas

The Fabulous Bows on Crosslee's head are from Magpies Bowtique. She makes the CUTEST things!! 
Last night I took Crosslee to the Crossings Christmas Special.. it was so great. I can't even tell you how great it was.. but it was GREAT. Only Cross & I went because this was the first year for it I think and we didn't know what to expect. So Londyn & MJ stayed home.. It lasted about an hour and 15 min and Cross was pretty good for an 18 month old.. She loved the singing. Especially the awesome Opera lady singing in the choir right beside us at the start.. She clapped for her. She loved the movie part too.. But she got a little bored and played with her cows for some of it..

The program was old, funny movie clips, and great Christmas songs.. Some with us singing, some with the tremendous choir and orchestra, and some with solos.. it was SO good. One of the coolest things is pulling into the Parking lot at 6:30 on a Sunday and seeing that 2000 other people just cannot WAIT to get into the doors of the church because they know something magical is about to happen.. and it did. I love my church so much!

Speaking of Church.. MJ and I have gotten brave and started taking the girls to the nursery for both Church and Sunday School.. They usually just go to one or the other.. but we know its good socialization for them to be there, and the staff loves them.. They have done great, and no texts to come get them.. so Success!

Cross got her first goose-egg over the weekend. She rolled off the couch and hit her forehead. She didn't really cry that much, but it looked AWFUL. Just awful! It was better the next day.. But the worse part was that it happened right before we were planning on leaving to go to MJ's work party.. But Thankfully Leslie (nanny) was watching the girls that night, and Cross wasn't sad when we left.

We were supposed to go to our Sunday School party on Friday night and MJ's dad was going to watch the goats.. but Cross had a bad diaper rash and LL was teething, so we stayed home. Cross only wanted me to hang out with her, and LL wanted her daddy.. We were sad to miss that, but it was for the best.

We are super excited for Christmas this year. We have almost completed our shopping and are trying to figure out a schedule of when we get to see everyone. With 4 sets of grandparents it always gets interesting.But the nice thing is that we have so many people who want to see the girls, be with them, and hang out with them..Of course they are pretty hilarious and entertaining, so I can't imagine anyone NOT wanting to hang out with them.. but I suppose there will always be some of those people too.

The weather has been ridiculous lately.. Yesterday we have hail and a tornado warning. The fog has been so thick in the mornings, and then its 60 in the day.. No clue. One of my friends had a friend post to his wall "Do you guys live in Hell?" Referring to the ridiculousness of the Oklahoma weather.

In other news MJ & I's jobs are going really well. We had great performance reviews and that was really nice. We both work for really great companies and are certainly blessed by that.

The girls are pretty entertaining now. Crosslee has these 2 cows that she plays with and the other day when we were out eating she laid one on its side and said "he's seepin".. She had never said that before.. Then yesterday when we were at the Christmas program I asked her to "shhh..and be quieter" and put my hand up to my mouth.. and sure enough she did the same thing. It was hilarious. She says something new everyday. JA (her owl) is still her favorite thing, but she also loves "TEE" which is the giant green toad that Jordan's dad got her.. Yesterday she thought Tee wanted to go outside and pulled him through the dog door. I had to inform her he did not want to go outside. Poor JA looks like a sad, mangled washcloth.. We got her 2 more to replace him.. but she won't love them as much I'm sure. My hope is that she can carry one of them around and maybe get him kinda harried looking and then she will like them both.. We'll see what happens. Its been a lot of fun shopping for them this year. I know its going to be super fun to watch them open presents and be excited.

So they still don't care that much about each other.. I don't know when that will happen. They know who each other is.. but thats where it ends. As far as playing, or having some sort of magical twin talk.. no. They don't have that. Its funny because when they were little we would always hear "Are they identical?" and now we hear "Are they related".. they don't look anything alike.. but thats ok. We love it. And we love that we both have mini-me's.. It truly could not have turned out any more perfect..

Yesterday at Sunday School we sat with a group of folks and one couple had a newborn and one couple was 8 months pregnant.. They asked Jordan & I to write a book, lol. I think once people have ONE newborn they become pretty impressed with the fact that we were able to live through having TWO. Even though we had a ton of help with My parents and Jordan's dad, it was still SO MUCH WORK. Like nothing I say can every prepare people for what it takes to live through having two infants, lol..

When I look back on the past 10 years of my life its been incredible to see how many "God" moments I have had.. Like how many times I had planned something, and how many times he un-did my plan and went with his own.. and how much greater things turned out. We could have never expected all the trials we would have to go through.. but the payoff has been so great. We have amazing lives, amazing family and friends, amazing dogs, and two healthy, beautiful babies who are truly full of joy, and a joy to be around. Its a Wonderful time of the year!

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