Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Its Christmas time Pretty baby..

Well we had a great Christmas. We aren't even all the way done with it yet.. but so far its been awesome.

MJ and I were both most of the Week of Christmas. I worked on Monday, but that was it. We had a great Holiday Luncheon at Loves and it was a lot of fun. I work for a great company.

On Sunday Mom came up to get the girls for a little 1 on 1 Grandparent time.. She took them to Canute and MJ and I finished up some last minute shopping on Monday and Tuesday. We also went to see "Exodus".. which was NOT great. It wasn't even as good as NOAH, and Noah wasn't that great either.. But In Exodus.. he doesn't even part the red sea.. and the burning bush doesn't talk to him, instead a weird little boy does.. Not cool. The Story of Moses is so amazing with all the CGI and Special effect they have nowdays they could have hit an home run.. but they didn't.. Lame. But.. the popcorn was good, so there's that!

I had flower delivery at Church on Tuesday, so I went and did that, and then we went to the First Crossings Christmas Eve Service (I think they had 8 total).. It was so good. We took Brandon with us and he and I cried through some of it, lol.. I'm just so proud of my church, and I love to share it with people.. The choir did "O Holy Night" and it was just great. Makes me so happy to go to a church with a real, live orchestra playing insuruments, and an amazing choir. Love it.

Wednesday Morning we went to Mom's and got the girls and headed to Sentinel to see my dad and all the cousins. We had a great time. The kids are 2 & Under.. Mine are the youngest at 19 Months.. Joe turned 2 in October, (My sister Lexi's boy) and Ava turned 2 in September (My Brother Grant's girl).. so its a madhouse of toddlers crying, laughing, running, falling, flailing, screaming and chasing each other! Its pretty hilarious to watch. They are all to the age now where they know each other and play with each other. There are going to be some pretty interesting brawls that happen in the next few years to say the least!

 They had a great time opening their presents.. Although Londyn didn't care much about it.. Joe's "present" face was the best.. every time he would open something it was like it was the greatest gift that had ever been given! I just wanted to keep giving him stuff! Ava loved her Fur Real Kitten that we got her.. but so did Crosslee and she kept stealing it every time Ava sat her down.. lol..She would take it and run off.. It was funny. The whole situation with Toddlers 2 & under is funny because they have no concept of empathy, sharing, hurting one another or civilization in general! They are self-absorbed little emotional people walking around being crazy! But its so great..

You will go from one minute of happiness, to someone crying, to someone yelling, to someone giggling.. its pretty great. I was never close to any of my cousins, so I'm pretty excited for my girls to grow up loving their cousins and playing together.

Cross has started doing a "CHEESE" face when you point your camera at her. Its one of my favorite things.. because it makes me laugh..  Londyn has also started doing a Cheese Face, except hers looks more like an Angry Goat face..

Her Cheese face was when Gigi gave them Push Pops before Supper to celebrate the fact that they were 19 months old.. and it was Christmas time.. so as you can see, she was very excited about this.. Who wouldn't be excited about push pops for supper right??

They had a great Time at Christmas Day at Gigi & Papa's.. Santa came.. although LL wasn't that concerned with this.. Cross got up pretty early and was excited about her Basketball goal. She grabbed the ball, walked over and started shooting it into the goal.. She made like 3 in a row and I look over at mom and we are like "How does she know how to do that?".. but she did!

Mom also got them a King & Queen Puppet.. Cross was freaked out by them at first.. she would look at them and say "NOO".. but once they started singing songs to her she warmed up a little.. by the last day we were there she was feeding the Queen part of her sausage.. thats how you know Cross loves you.. if she shares her sausage.. lol

Londyn got up a little bit later on Christmas day.. she was most excited about a geometric Stacker we got them. She liked to take all of them off and then put them back on. They both loved that gift. They also both loved the Piano.. they strum on it daily.

They also got lots of coloring books, and art Easel, and these awesome horses.. Sadly, they are not big enough to ride the horses yet, but Cross still loved them.. We will wrap them back up and save them for their birthday. You have to weigh enough to press down on them to make them go.. they can reach the pedals..but can't make them go just yet, so we ended up pushing Cross around on hers, or letting her walk him.. she still loved it. When they are big enough they will LOVE those horses! You steer/drive their heads so it will be so much fun!

We have one more Christmas left, with MJ's dad.. His Grandma got sick on Christmas and went into the hospital, so we haven't got to see them yet, but we probably will this weekend. I know we will all be excited to do that too!

The girls are so much fun right now. They don't play and love on each other a lot..but they are starting to. I captured a picture of them in the chair playing and their faces look so sweet. They love playing Hide & Seek now..

Cross is saying a million words.. the funniest ones are "Heyyyyy" and "byyyeeee".. she sounds Southern. She knows how to ask for things and we understand what she wants 90% of the time. Londyn says fewer words, but she is very sweet and patient, and we can usually figure out what she wants too. I think she will talk more as she gets older. She loves to play with Rocks and Hangers. We got her a Sandbox for Christmas. They also got a slide and Cross loves it. Cross loves all her new babies. She has a Fur Real Panda, Small Toady, her Fur Real Horse, and we got both of them glow worms. They both like them in their beds at night. Cross sleeps with like 5 things now.. but don't worry, JA (the owl) is still the main guy.. He is in almost every picture because he is not far from her heart..

The girls had their 18 month appointments.. They are in the 90% percentile in most things. They weight 26 & 27 lbs and are 34" tall. They are super healthy.. Still really great eaters.. in fact Cross ate Mexican Enchilada dip at Christmas.. we were like "Cross thats spicy".. but she just kept dipping her chips in there and eating it.. lol. They do a great job eating. Not picky at all, which I'm so grateful for.

My next post will probably be about having twins.. because I know several people that are pregnant with twins right now..and they honestly don't know whats about to happen.. lol..But I'll save that one for later. Hope you all had a Very Merry Christmas! I know we are super excited about the New Year and all the New Blessings it will bring! XXOO

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  1. I just love reading your blog. Love watching those sweet babies grow up. Thank you for sharing. You and MJ are in for so much fun in the coming months and years. Just go with it and have fun. What a great blessing!!!! xoxo