Thursday, August 28, 2014

My Kids Better than Your Kid...

As the girls are growing and developing I've realized that apparently there is crazy competition that all parents enter called "My Kid can do things that your Kid cannot".. and it is has become humorous to me.

Everywhere we go people are all over the girls.. They want to talk to them, play peek-a-boo with them, say hello, etc.. Which is awesome.. but every now and then you run into someone that asks "Oh, are they walking?" Or something along those lines.. Well, when I answer people immediately start to judge.. "Oh really? My son started walking at 9 months. Guess he was just an early learner"..etc..Which would imply that my kid is a slow learner and there for an inadequate blob. Well thank you for letting me know, should I just throw them outside now?  It Cracks me Up! WHO CARES! Kids are kids.. they are going to do things at different times.. It doesn't mean one is better than the other! Cross was walking by her birthday, and Londyn started walking a month later.. I started walking at 9 months.. MJ started walking at something like 18 months.. Does that mean MJ was a slow learner? means he was smarter than the rest of us because people kept carrying him around!

Now listen, I am one of the most competitive people you will ever meet.. I can't play ANYTHING for fun.. Like anything. Its depressing. When I was in College a guy asked me to play tennis one day.. I thought we were going to go out there and hit the ball around.. Well we go out there and he SCHOOLS me at tennis.. After that day I went and joined a tennis league, played twice a week, learned to serve and that guy NEVER beat me again.. THATS how I roll.. I race people in Wal-mart to the checkout line. When I play monopoly I buy all the properties and put 2 hotels on each one so you will go bankrupt when you land on one. I left a softball league once because they sucked, and joined another one that later went on to win the league championship..I had to play racquetball with the guys because the girls would cry when I  hit them in the back with the ball.. So as you can see.. I am competitive..

However, when it comes to kids, I find that parents are really just big, fat, liars.. Your baby didn't start talking at 6 months old.. Your newborn hasn't slept through the night every day since you brought him home.. Your daughter can't say her ABC's at 12 months. Your Son didn't start walking at 5 months.. Your kid didn't learn to drink out of a glass and never spill it at 11 months..

I feel like when parents say these things to other parents it sets the bar so high on the "Parenting Scale" that others feel like they can never live up to it. We are all proud of our kids, but just because your kid isn't potty trained by 18 months, you aren't going to get written up by the parenting gods! Its unrealistic, and ridiculous.. Plus when we hear these things, we  know Its a load of crap and talk about it behind your back.. so there you go.

Now, if you are reading this and you have one of those genius kids that have been on the Ellen show, just disregard.. I'm not talking to you. I realize that we all want our kids to be great, but honestly, shouldn't we be rewarding them for what they ARE doing instead of feeling bad for what they Aren't doing? Plus its really all relative.. they will all eventually learn to walk, talk, read and write.. so what difference does it make if it takes one a little longer?

Its also stressful when you go to their Dr. Appointments and they give you a 'list' of things your kid should be doing by a certain age.. Well.... What if they aren't? Should we just assume they are fools and leave it at that? Lol.. no.. I realize its just a 'gauge' but its still intimidating because you feel like your kid should measure up to the other 15 month olds in the world.. Thankfully, for me, since I had twins, my Pedi doesn't give me that list.. I'm not sure why, but I've never seen it.. So I just assume they are doing what they are supposed to be doing.. Being Toddlers and running wild!

So the moral of this story is.. Whether you have kids, no kids, grandkids, or whatever.. Don't let other people make you feel like you are a bad parent if your baby doesn't play Beethoven's 5th by the time he's 2.. Its ok. We aren't all Beethoven.. And if another parent tries to make you feel bad about what your kid is, or isn't doing, you can always just say "Well thats ok, because my baby is cuter than yours" and walk off..

 Boom Chaka Laka..

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