Friday, September 5, 2014

Here comes the Sun..

(This is where she is.. every morning at the farm, checking the cows)

We had a great weekend at the farm last weekend. Crosslee becomes more obsessed with cows every time we go out there. Its almost bizarre.. She got to pet a baby calf this weekend and was pretty fired up about that.. but she doesn't  understand  why ALL the cows don't want to be by her ALL the time. 

Their Papa (Steve) also rigged up their wagon to the back of the 4 Wheeler so he can pull them around all over the farm. Londyn Lucille especially likes this. She loves being toted around and looking at all the farm stuff. She likes to walk, but would rather be pulled in her wagon. They have so much fun when we go out there.. Hot-tubbing is still one of their favorite things to do as well. Watching them for special relationships with their grandparents is pretty awesome. 

This should be a fun weekend. Tomorrow night GT & Nana are coming over to watch the girls while MJ and I run around. The girls will have lots of new things to show them. Cross is still carrying around her owl. She is obsessed with him. Now she has to take him in the stroller, and she is usually walking with him. He made the rounds at the farm. He's starting to look pretty bad.. but he's a Scentsy Owl that is discontinued, so I don't know that we will be able to swap him out with a newer model! Isn't that the way it always goes? You find something you love.. only to find out its discontinued and you can't get another.. dang. 

So my birthday is coming up.. and just when I thought I couldn't get any lamer.. I am.. Mom asked if I wanted to come out there.. So Maybe we will do that.. Who knows. You know what I want? And this is how you know how TRULY lame I am.. A Vacuum.. I know, I know.. laugh.. but I'm so sick of crappy Vacuum's! We had a dyson, but it died, so we took it to be repaired.. It worked for about 3 months and now is back to sucking.. or shall I say NOT sucking..Now we have some sort of Hoover that is also crap.  At this point.. MJ and I just look for things that make life easier.. with 3 dogs and 2 kids.. a Good Vacuum is one of those things. Sad. I know..  My birthday used to be about awesome fun limo bashes with clubs, my friends, and drinking.. now I'm asking for a vacuum. My how times have changed.. #lamesauce

Have you guys been watching "The Strain" on FX? Its a new series.. Its pretty good.. but scary.. because the premise is some moron letting a 'strain' of something go on an airplane and bring a devil disease into America.. Not cool.. Especially when you read about the recent Ebola outbreaks.. But.. the point is the show is really good, and all the guys and I at work like talking about it on Tuesday mornings.. The Sad thing is.. Something like that could probably happen.. because we are spoiled and don't like to wait on things.. so if someone said "Well you can wait an additional hour to get scanned at the airport, or possibly get Ebola" some people would actually choose Ebola..

I think I have found the girls Halloween costumes.. I'm pretty excited about them. Not for sure on LL's yet, so I'll wait to reveal, but they are going to be pretty tremendous. I love Halloween... We may dress up at work this year, the guys and I as Dead Presidents on Vacation.. I told them I could probably pull of Lincoln.. We'll see.

Our Small group at church started back up this week.. We dropped the girls off at the nursery crying.. But when we went back to get them they were both playing and happy. Separation anxiety is not cool.. I've read it gets better around 18 months. Cross is the worst about it with me. LL usually goes along because she is easy going.. but Cross gets mad and cries. I know the nursery people are great though and usually get them out of it pretty quickly.

So I'm going to have to have another baby sale soon.. The stuff is getting out of hand. Gotta make room for the Winter stuff.. I'll post it on Facebook when I'm going to get ready to do it.. Its such a hassle, but it must be done.

Oh, and here's this.. So Mom goes to the Dr last week and he tells her that you are supposed to have a lot of Vitamin D.. Meaning you need to be outside for 10-20 minutes each day from 10am to 4pm.. It only counts during those hours, so if you are saying "Oh thats great.. I get outside every evening to do yard work".. No.. No sir, that does NOT count.. Its only from 10-4 each day.. He also told her that you are way more likely to get a terrible cancer from not having enough vitamin D than getting skin cancer from being out there too much.. So keep all these things in mind. I'm not saying go out and burn off your flesh, but probably a good idea to catch a few rays from those hours each day.. Which actually does make sense because when the girls were little we had to give them Vitamin D drops.. Here's an article on it.. GET MORE SUN 
                            As you can see, Cross is getting in her sun by strolling around the farm..
                                                     LL getting her sun in Gigi's plant land..

Everything else is good in our world.. The girls are so much fun right now. They do new things every day that make us laugh. When I picked up Cross from the Nursery the other night the lady said "She is so funny!".. Yup she sure is.. We could not ask for more. #blessed

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